The end is nigh

Preparing to leave Binga

The end of Binga is looming over us and just about everyone is sad that this month is over. We have had a little bit of rain overnight a solid 1mL we are mostly thankful for the rain. The temperature has been nice. The girls have left for the solo today so we are hoping that they don’t get too bored. We leave tomorrow so we have been busy packing and making all our food for the next 24 hours. Today the boys have done the last session of horse riding and learnt how to trot which was fun so we had a few races it was hard to say goodbye to all of our horse friends. We also had our last high ropes challenge where you had to climb a pole onto a small platform and then fit four of you on the same platform it was heck hard. Last but not least we had the last project session as well we were making little garden beds for some new gardens and so we picked some mangoes while we were finishing. That’s it for today’s blog and hope all of you have a good week.