Camp 2 2019

Day 23


Abbey W, Charlotte, Abbie B, Neve

The girls returned from their 24 hours solo this morning. Abbey got attacked by three fat possums in the middle of the night and she FREAKED. She was silly and left her ration bag out and they were scratching at it. Good one Abbey. We also had Lucy Brial and Sophia accompanied by some cool cows. Many of the girls could hear the mooing cows during the middle of the night right before they decided to go after Sophia. Sophia decided that because she didnt have a radio she wopuld not blow her whistle as she did not want to anger them more. Lucy however, had a completely different cow experience. Her cows were way more mellow and down to chill. They ended up having a sleepover together. Many of the girls were also VISCIOSULY ATTACKED by green ants. Sad ☹ but apart from that everyone seemed to enjoy their time by themselves. The rest of the day we spent on three activity rotation. They were escape room, service learning and horse riding. All three teams found the escape room challenging but everyone completed it even though the boys BROKE THE BIKE yesterday which made it especially difficult. Then for service learning each group did some form of gardening. The horse trail was really fun but too short. ☹

Written by Abbey adapted by Neve

Day 21

Date 24/03/19

Names: Charles, Josh & Sam

Today was a pretty lazy Sunday, we relaxed and chilled out listening to some homemade music. We also baked some slices and biscuits in preparation for solo. We collected our ration bags and may have filled them up with some grapes. Some of our kids played touch footy and volleyball in the afternoon.  

Day 20


Maggie, Mac, Emily and Belinda

Today was the weekend so we had a lot of free time and were able to wash our thiccccc dirty clothes and bake some thig cakes and biscuits for solo on Monday and Tuesday. Tonight is the talent show where there will be many performance acts and ‘talent’ presented. We have started to prepare for family day which is coming up next Saturday. We are looking forward to see our families but don’t want to leave Binga so soon.

Peace out fam x 

Day 19

Friday 22nd

Sophia, Charli, Jackson

Today the second group got back from their 4 day hike. Day 1 of hike was an easy 7km trek to an alright campsite. Lots of dead and alive cows, cow pat and giant ants but a LIT fire. Day 2 was a tough 15km walk which ended up being more like 50km (20km) after a couple wrong turns and plenty of disgustingly steep hills, but all was worth with the incredible view and a hectic rock (FB). Day 3 was an eventful 13km day, started off early, super-hot and sweaty, bush bashing, making our mark at the summit of Mt Binga, descending down hectic hill, plenty of jellybeans, plenty of singing, cacti fruit, mud skating, mud fights, visits from neighbours lost dog, then finally arriving at the camp site. We ate dinner on looking a phat storm. The instructors negotiated and decided to evacuate as the storm intensified very quickly. We all quickly packed our packs, left our hoochie’s behind and jumped in the Troopeys back to Binga. We got to have showers, milo and slept in our cabins, which the other group was not too impressed by.  In the morning we got shuttled back out to our camp and started the final 8km hike back to Binga, but plot twist, without track notes. We all made it back to camp and that brings us up to where we are now.

Cool bananas

  • -A team x

Day 18


Tyla, Lucy B

Hey parents and others who decide to read this, We are back! And we are all still alive! 4 day hike was a great success. As an inside joke, It was it was successful as no ‘Binga Babies’ were made. Overall we hiked about 40 kms, some more some less. We had a great time and we defiantly grew closer as a group. We defiantly bonded with some cow poo and insects (lots of insects!). Night 2 we got an amazing sunset after having to climb the biggest hill known to man. However, the wind decided to pay us a visit that night, we lost some hoochie’s and laird lost his pillow. We found it all again when we had to wake up at midnight to find our stuff. Day 3 was Clara’s birthday. We all sang Happy Birthday in German and she woke up with a spider in her bag for a birthday present. We ended on a high with milo, condensed milk and marshmallows on our last night camping out. Despite the injury caused from a burning marshmallow all was very good. Overall we all had a blast at 4 day hike, despite the nerves leading up to it. We are all sad realizing how close we are to the end of our Binga experience but are excited to see you all in 9 days!!! Bye for now xx

Day 14


Joe E: Today was a casual weekend preparing for the 4 day hike. We got our ration packs ready and played Poker. We also did the table challenge where you climb underneath a table without touching the ground, it was an excellent challenge. Today’s lunch was one of the more creative ones, as we had to throw a bunch of things in the oven, wrap it up, and end up with some delicious wrap pizza’s.

Belinda: It was Abbie’s birthday today so a lot of the girls woke up early and surprised her by singing Happy Birthday. We also played with the baby chickens.

Day 12


Elysia, Chloe, Darius

Last night during the storm there was a black out! The instructors had to get a backup generator to keep the fridges on so all the food didn’t go off. Everyone had cold showers and had to move their food into Bertha’s (the kitchen) fridge. It was extremely exciting! Today we had partly cloudy weather with sunshine. All the girls either did horse riding, high ropes or service learning as the boys completed the last parts of their survival challenges and did some initiative games. The boys had to lift one of their group members (the patient) through a muddy valley on a stretcher. They also had to build a bridge over a tub with ropes and sticks without it touching the tub or being held up by people, apparently they all completed it. And back to the weather, at the moment it is very dark and cloudy and looks as if there is a high chance of rain which will help us all to bear with the boy’s stench ;) We are having beef stroganoff for dinner – it smells good!

Day 11


Belinda + Katarina 

Today the girls got split into three groups where they either did horse riding, high ropes or service learning. The girls riding horses worked on improving control and steering skills. Those doing high-ropes climbed the centipede and the vertical playpen course. Those who did service learning continued to develop the Immanuel gardens and restarted the salad table. After lunch the girls prepared goodies for an afternoon picnic, which consisted of smoothies and home-made donuts. Mrs Mathews and Ben Lyons paid us a visit today and stuck around for afternoon tea. As we were starting out daily jobs a storm came and took us by surprise. The girls had to quickly pack up the high rope courses before everything got completely drenched. The boys were brought in from survival to wait it out but will go back out to complete their survival challenge if the storm clears. That’s all for now

Day 10


Maggie, Ashanti, Abbie and Emma

On Monday we started our survival, the girls were split into 2 groups. We were given tarps and ropes to make our homes for the next 3 days. We built things to earn Binga Bucks so we could buy extra ingredients to make dinner taste better. During the day we would talk, sleep and build but it was really hot. That night we had spaghetti bolognaise and sat around playing truth or dare. The next day it was challenge day where we could win a chance to have our luxury items for the rest of the survival. Both groups were successful and were able to play cards, volleyball and play their instruments. For dinner we had nachos and we all ate like queens because we saved our ‘binga bucks’ for the last night. We ate marshmallows by the fire while listening to people play the guitar and sing. The next day we packed up our camp sites and headed off to some new survival challenges which included a group of girls carrying one person up a muddy hill in a stretcher and back onto the other side. Another challenge was you were to build a structure out of sticks that would be able to hold on its own and the person who was crossing. We are now back at base camp ready for our showers, while the boys have headed out for their 3 day survival experience. 

Day 8


Names: Charlie, Laird and Josh

Today was nothing spectacular although still relatively adequate. We had a bit of a late night and started the day with a 100% effort 3km run. The girls headed out for survival and left us guys to the merciless instructors. In the searing heat we HELPED OUT THE BINGA COMMUNITY!!! We dug some holes and cleared some lantana. After this we went out and did some activities on the high ropes. We climbed up the perilous centipede ladders, with only a mere inch of fabric suspending us from the ground. We also were challenged on the vertical playpen as we wrestled our way through tires and over nets. We are now hanging with Popey as we prepare our chicken carbonara. For all the gossip mums at home there has been romance in the air as two of our more desperate classmates search for love and lust. All the best for the happy couple as they fulfil their sickening love story .

Sincerely, charles.

Day 7

Date: 10/3/19

Names: Lucy B, Chloe, Emily, Charlotte, Neve

Wassup fam!

So today was our first Sunday at Binga at it was a blast! The day was pretty chill. This morning the girls did some prep for our 3 day Survival Campout, which starts tomorrow, we are all very excited. We then went into a massive game of Spoons. It started out with 20 people but after a very intense and crazy game Popey took out Jackson and won gold. For lunch we all had a big sausage sizzle. We were in the sun cooking over a very hot BBQ for like 2 hours but it was worth it. The afternoon was just hanging out, girls did some more baking for survival, and we had some competitive skipping going on as well as some very long games of poker. It was a very hot day so besides that and some washing, we didn’t do that much. We are all good here and girls are keen for survival. So bye, bye for now. Adios!

Day 6

Date 9/3/19

Names: Abbie and Katarina 

Today was our first weekend at Binga, we started off the morning with a half an hour sleep-in, and then we made delicious French toast for breakfast. After finishing cabin inspections we had a helicopter land on the oval, it had to land here because there was a car accident nearby. The police, fireman and paramedics arrived to help move the patient to the helicopter. After that we all received our Binga shirts and washed all of our dirty clothes. It was a very chilled day, we played Swiss Uno, card games, socialized and some people even baked. We are all trying to enjoy the weekend and each other’s company as the girls leave for survival on Monday. 

Day 5

Date 8/03/19

Names: Maggie, Mac, Sam, Elysia

Today group Two arrived back from their two day hike, the hike consisted of 8km to a beauty of a camp site and a 5km hike back to base. We had rice for the 3rd time this week and it was nicht gut. We were sad. It was so lit fam to get a thicccc boi of a log (mainly Charles) to the shelter so yeah that about it yo.

Peace out hammer time

Day 4

Date: 7th March

Names:  Izzy, Charli, Luca

Blog: Yesterday morning, half of Binga group 2 set off for the 2 day hike. We were split into two hiking groups, one led by Anna and the other led by Dan. Both groups left Binga between 9:30-10am. The hike was eventful but easy going and somewhat enjoyable. Dan’s group took a few wrong turns but these were counter-balanced by the enjoyment of each other’s company. Anna’s group had a smooth hike with beautiful views and plenty of laughs. Anna’s group arrived at the camp site at around 12:40 with Dan’s group arriving 30min later. Everyone played a few rounds of UNO before we set up our hoochies and then continued to kick the footy. We were all surprised to find a dried up dam nearby, although it wasn’t quite dried up in the middle, with many of us getting covered in mud. Rain accompanied a dinner of sausages and pasta along with a beautiful sunset. After settling down, we all gathered around the fire to tell scary stories. This made everyone paranoid and many went with little to no sleep. Most of us woke up just after dawn and enjoyed a breakfast of cornflakes. After spending some time kicking the footy, taking down the hoochies and packing our bags, we set off on our journey back home. The 2nd day of hiking was far easier and shorter and was accompanied by the pretty views of cows and avocado and olive orchards. The hike was just over 5km and we were home before we knew it. Once we arrived back home, we played a few games before heading to our afternoon jobs which brings us here! We are loving Binga so far and cannot wait for the next few weeks. 

Day 3

Date: 6/3

Names:  Abbey W, Tyla and Jackson

We started the day with a 2km walk, then had breakfast and cabin inspections. Sewell (one of the girl’s cabins) is buying cordial tonight with all our points, we’re winning by the way. The first half of our group left on the two day hike. The rest of us stayed back and did hike prep. This includes getting our bags, packing them, packing ration bags, practicing using the camp cooking equipment and learning the basics of navigation. We have to carry anything that we want to bring. It will be a fun next few weeks.

Day 2

Date: 5/3

Names:  Tyla & Sophia

Blog: Today we woke up and went for a morning run/walk, it wasn’t too bad and quite refreshing. We then had our first reflection time alone, we wrote some letters and filled out a work sheet. After breakfast we spit off into two group, Anna’s group did hike prep and Maddie & Nathans group did high ropes and also horse riding with Daniel. Overall, day 2 was good and it has been a great start to the month.

The other one

Name: Joe Evans

Blog: Today was good 

Name: Tyler.P

Blog: Today I did Hike prep we failed miserably and our tent flew away, but we learned eventually. Then we cooked something, I’m not sure what it was, and then we packed our bags. The others did horse riding and Sugar Gliding on the high ropes course. Today was good.

Day 1

4th March 2019

Chloe, Emily, Clara

The bus ride was fun because we watched Ratatouille. When we arrived it was raining and we had to carry all the bags undercover.  Then we met all the camp instructors and got to know them. Then we had to split into our cabin groups and try to help someone put a frozen shirt on. Our fingers were frozen ;) We had a sausage sizzle for lunch and learnt how to open Macadamia nuts. Then we had a treasure hunt (without treasure) to find out where all the main places at Binga are and what they are for. Then we unpacked our stuff in our cabins, there are 3-4 people in each room – 2 girls cabins and 2 boys cabins. There is a kitchen and 1 bathroom with one shower per cabin. We got shown where our reflection places for the mornings. We had some chill time then had to do our jobs. Tomorrow we are preparing for our hike on Wednesday. Good bye, Don’t cry too much without us ;)