What is the weather like?

Mt Binga has a large seasonal change in weather. Over summer it can be very warm during the day and into night. Mt Binga does not experience as much humidity as the coast or Brisbane. However, it does experience most of its rainfall during the summer months. The noticeable temperature drop occurs towards the middle of April until around early September. During the winter months the temperature can drop below 10 degrees at night with moderate temperatures during the day. 

Weather is a big consideration when packing for Mt Binga and students must pack clothing appropriate to the time of year. 


How can I keep in contact my child while they are at camp?

Students will have time while at camp to write letters home and can receive mail. We receive mail Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is handed out during the evenings. Be aware that mail can take a while to get to Mt Binga, it is recommended you send a letter the week prior to your child leaving so it arrives in the first week. Ensure your child has envelopes, stamps and knows their address before they leave. The postal address for Mt Binga is on the Contact Us page.

How often can students wash their clothes?

Students have access to top loader washing machines which they may use during free time. The best time for students to wash their clothes is on the weekend, so ensure they have enough clothing to last 5 - 6 days. 

My child has dietary issues. Can they be accommodated for?

Mt Binga sees over 500 students per year and dietary issues are common thing. By filling out the dietary section of the medical form prior to your child arriving at camp, we are able to adjust our menu to suit their needs. Upon arrival to camp we talk with the student and discuss possible food options for them while they are with us. 

My child is on prescribed medication. How should they bring it to camp?

All prescription medication must come in its original packaging with dosage instructions and the child's name. If they are bringing multiple medications we suggest putting them all in a single zip lock bag. All medication is handed to staff upon arrival at Mt Binga and the staff will dispense it when necessary for the entirety of the program. 

We have Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and antihistamines on site, so your child does not need to bring their own, unless they take them on a regular basis.

If your child suffers from asthma or anaphylaxis they are required to bring two inhalers/Epipens.