Camp 2 2017

Day 24: 3/8/17

Students: Jemimah, Hanri, Jazmyn, Sariah

Blog Entry:

Today was challenge day. This day has been highly anticipated for the last week. Today was the day to demonstrate what we have learnt over the last month including; teamwork, learning to trust each other, supporting each other and communication. These values were emphasised through friendly competition within the 4 cabins. We all completed 6 activities which were; rob the nest, Adrian’s wall, archery, high all aboard (water board), fire starter, puzzled and cabin war cry.

Hanri: Rob the nest

At the start of the day we got into our cabin groups and Adrian told us the rules of the activity. To start with we had to steal 4 different coloured balls out of the bucket in the middle and run it back to our cabin bucket. Adrian, Dan and Marcus were trying to protect the bucket in the middle by blocking our path to the bucket in the middle and back to our bucket. Later on in the activity they blew a horn and we were allowed to steal balls from the other cabins buckets. At the end of each round we got told how many points/the value of each of the different coloured balls were worth and this was drawn at random.  

Adrian’s wall:

For Adrian’s wall each cabin had to get every member up the wall. Two people could stand at the top to pull the person who is climbing up the wall while the rest of the group pushed/supported the feet of the person who is going/climbing up. The other cabin would surround the cabin who is participating so that if the member who is climbing up were to fall then they would be able to catch them also. Everyone had a go which was good to see for this activity.


Archery was where we lined up in our cabin groups. Each cabin got awarded points for where the arrow hit on the target. We all had one shot to shoot at the target. Once everyone had a turn, each cabin group chose their best archer. The chosen person got to have an extra shot which was worth extra points.

Sariah: High All aboard (Water Board)

Upon arriving at the high ropes course, 4 people from each cabin were tasked to climb up a ladder and onto a small platform where they would fall backwards. This is all well and good, as we have all done High All Aboard before, but there is a reason it is nicknamed ‘Water Board’. The rest of the cabin were to stand away from the crowd at the high ropes, and would plug up the little holes in a tube full of water. This tube acted as our groups timer and it was imperative that it wouldn’t run out of water.

Jazmyn: Fire starter

This activity was participated on the oval in front of the red shed. To start with each cabin would choose whether they would aim for the matches and newspaper which was further away from the starting position then the cotton ball coated in Vaseline and the flint and steel. This activity involved each cabin sending 6 people to start with on the teamwork ski’s. The teamwork ski’s as probably mentioned in previous blogs, includes 6 people lifting up one foot at a time. In the usual walking movement, this had to be done with everyone lifting their feet at the same time. This required constant communication and teamwork to pull off successfully. If not done successfully then the whole group would fall over or not move at all.

Each group would ‘walk’ on the ski’s to their chosen items and bring them back to the starting position. The whole group would then run over together to their ‘arch’. Using either the cotton balls and the flint and steel or the newspaper and matches to start a fire with sticks collected by the rest of the group to severe a string keeping the pole down. When the string was severed the pole/arch would move back into a straight position signifying the activity was finished.

Note: all fires were created in a contained area; so no one was burned, no bushfires were started and all fires were put out quickly.

Jemimah: Puzzled

Puzzled was where our cabin groups were assigned a tree which had a rope tied around it. There was a key at the end of the rope and you had to get the key by untying 12 knots down the rope. But you had to keep one hand in one spot of the rope at all times. The key unlocked a safe which contained a riddle of where the puzzle was. Our (Parker’s) puzzle was in the freezer in Bertha. The puzzle was a bunch of pictures which we had to put together to make the words “Binga challenge day”. The puzzle was the same for each cabin group.

War cry:

At the end, each cabin group had to design their own war cry. Each group had to perform it in front of all the other groups including the instructors. The war cries were then judged on originality, team spirit and how well they can understand what is being said. We all had fun creating our war cries and also seeing what the other groups could come up with.

At the end of the competition Greasley (grey) came fourth, Richter (green) came third, Parker (red) came second and Schulz (black) came first.

Note to our families:

Jaz: Hello everyone, I know that (Mum!) shared the link with you all thanks to Aunty Kris so I tried really hard to get on the blog job and I did so Yay! I apologise to all reading this, that this entry is the longest in Binga history. Sorry? Miss you all and I can’t wait to see all of those that I see on Saturday then, and in the coming months : )

Hanri: I can’t wait to see you on Saturday!! I’ve really enjoyed my Binga Experience.

Day 23: 2/8/17

Students: Issi Bunker

Blog Entry: So today was debrief day. Each cabin sat down and had group discussions about their enjoyment and growth in the 3 day hike, solo, horse riding, high ropes and the camp overall. To spice up a potential boring day Brooke and Bolts decided to add games. The first game was a water game where we lay on our backs in groups of five with our feet up in the middle and a bucket of water balanced on top. The aim of the game was for each person to take off their shoes and socks as quickly as possible with the least amount of water being spilt. Everyone got saturated within seconds (even the leaders). Other games we played were finding nemo and the Binga game which both were pretty fun and entertaining to watch. After all the games were over we had another chat this time about the goals we planned to take home with us and all the things we appreciated about one another. Everyone is looking forward to challenge day tomorrow which is said to be a lot of fun. Binga has been amazing and sad to realise that this is all going to be over in less than 4 days but it will be good to see our families again.

Day 22: 01/08/17

Students: Besa, Carol, Naureen, NINA AND NASSI!!!!

Today we came back from solo HOOYA! Solo was really fun, it was really windy at night, our tents kept shaking. Besa and Carol didn’t have a watch, Carol woke up at 3 something am to eat breakfast since she thought it was 6am. Today was a chill as day, we did High – All – Aboard (high ropes) and we did projects. We built new signs for Challenge Day. We accidently screwed one of the signs backwards, it was quite funny since we blamed it on Doc but really was Issi’s fault since she wanted to the read the sign, and she placed it backwards. We also kept building on the tyre wall. We are kind of sad that we only have four days left but also keen to go home and see our families, phones and our normal lives again. The boys headed off for Solo as soon as we came back this morning.

Love you Mum and Dad and Flo Flo xoxoxo

Hey, it’s Nina and Nassi!

Nassi- this morning I had a hole at the bottom of my cornflakes pack. As I poured the milk in, things didn’t go so well. #ionlyhadonemilk #RIP. I also got a spider off Katie’s leg #hero

Nina- a spider came into my tent and I was really scared and paranoid #nosleep4me. Brooke put me the furthest away from everyone because she likes to watch me suffer! #illgetherback.

Love you xx

Day 21: 31/07/17

Student: Debenjamin

Blog Entry: Today has been an exhausting day with the boys doing service learning on Bob’s property and the girls heading off to their solo experience for 2.4 hours Group 1 of the boys group doing service learning were all coating Bob’s cattle yard fences with vegetable oil to show him gratitude because he let us borrow his land for hikes and camping out in tents. After that we headed back to Binga on a troopie. When we got back we ate lunch, the meal was sausages and potato salad from last night, and it was super delicious. After that, the boys group switched over with group 1 doing high ropes and group 2 going to Bob’s land to do service learning. We all did “High All Aboard” which was one of the best high ropes courses we have ever done yet. After we finished our activities we sat down at the quad where we ate afternoon tea. Soon we decided on our jobs, I am now doing oddies which is odd jobs with James in my cabin and 2 others from Greasley who is Luke and Nikhil. Currently James is working on the fire and Jordan and Rylan are sweeping the quad because they are doing clean up and William L, William F and Klemen are now cooking, usually when William L cooks he keeps salting our food which the food gets really salty to eat, but still pretty delicious. Currently there are 2 more cabins being built at Mt Binga so that more people stay. So far one of the entries is now blocked off. Everyone else is doing their jobs and all I can hear is the construction of 2 more cabins. 5 more days till I’m coming home!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 20: 30/07/17

Students: Dylan, Tom and Michael

Blog Entry: Dylan

Today is Sunday and we have finished all our washing and prepped for solo that is on the upcoming Monday (girls) and Tuesday (boys). We didn’t do much today

Blog Entry: Tom

Today has been pretty boring. All the girls are prepping for their solo for tomorrow (Monday). Everyone is starting to get excited for the end of their Binga experience, as well as myself, as I’m looking forward to coming home. I’m looking forward for this week as it is all pretty hype and for challenge day.

Blog Entry: Michael

Going into the last week of Binga everyone is very excited to go home, but we are still making the most of our once in a lifetime experience. We still have solo to look forward to and everyone has begun to pack as the girls leave tomorrow and we leave on Tuesday. I am looking back on my Binga experience and I think that it is one of the best opportunities that I have been offered.

Boys are doing our last high ropes activity tomorrow, High All Aboard. We are also doing service learning and going down to a neighbours property which we have camped on before. We are helping him mend his cattle yards. He has helped us while we have been here so it is good for us to help him in return.

This week will fly by and then our families will all be here on Saturday! It is sad that our time here is ending but exciting to go home too.

Day 19: 29/07/17

Students: Nassi and Sophee

Blog Entry: Today is the last weekend for all of us. Binga has been so fun we don’t want it to end. Everything has been so exciting, even writing the blog.  In fact, Sophee got so excited to write this blog that she tripped up the stairs on her way. Its Saturday today, so we relaxed and hung out all day after a tiring week filled with lots of hiking and activities. Anastasia’s favourite part of this week was watching me trip up the stairs. My (Sophee) favourite part of this week was the trail ride on the horses. I rode Jackson and Nassi rode Sabrina. My favourite horse is probably Jackson but Nassi’s is definitely Herbie. Solo is on Monday for the girls. We are all nervous but excited for the 24 hours by ourselves. We miss everyone at home and are excited to see you all very soon.

RLC Blog

Day 18:  26/07/17

Students: Heirene & Keziah

It’s Kezy & Kim. Once again, short & sweet.

Today was a busy day for the girls as we continued on from yesterday’s activities. We all did many different activities depending on our groups. I (Keziah) did horse riding and high ropes and Heirene did archery and high ropes. The girl cabin, Parker, did ‘Recreate’ as their initiative game and Richter did ‘Tangled’.

Horse riding - Trail ride: Put the skills learnt, from previous two sessions, to practice on ride. Slopes and uneven ground were obstacles that had to be faced on this trail ride.   

Archery – Improved stance and posture which affected our accuracy in aim. Played ‘Battleships’ which is an archery game. Felt like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.

High ropes – Lilly pads: Extremely high in height as well as adrenalin. Main focus was on functioning well as a group with people below and communicating with them. We both made it across all four Lilly pads. It is an achievement we are both proud of as we were really worried before going up the ladder.

Initiative – Recreate: Game where main focus was on affective communication the importance as it impacts the end message and result. We feel like we did well in the game as our group consisted of close friends (Sarah, Issi, Sofie and ourselves).

Boys – Came back from 3-day hike at around midday compared to the girls arriving at around 4:30pm.

                                                                                                                           Lots of love,

                                                                                                                            Kezy & Kim

Day: 17    27/07/17

Students:  Issi and Sofie

Blog entry:  

Hey everybody,

This was our first day back at Binga after our 3 day hike. We enjoyed not having to wake up in a tent and then pack it up and we also enjoyed not having to walk for the whole day. Instead we had activities that included; giant’s ladder, trail ride, archery and initiatives.

The giant’s ladder is as it sounds. A giant ladder consisting of 7 big logs that go up horizontally towards the sky. The trail ride was a 40 – 50 minute ride on the horses around the Binga campus. There were three trails easy, medium and hard, my group went on the hard trail through some pine trees surrounding the grounds and it was a really beautiful ride. In archery we learnt how to be beginner Katniss’ with the help of Leena, and in initiatives we did spider web, the maze, walk the plank and grass skis.

Missing every one, much love and stay safe

Day 16:  26/07/17

Students:  Katie and Grace

Blog entry:

Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday and us girls just got back from three day hike. Day one of hike was difficult because nobody had the Monday motivation, day two was easy because it was all on road but then day three started with freezing toes and frozen grass. The hike never ended. In Richter everyone grew closer and many more friendships were made stronger, the people who encouraged others to push themselves to the top with a great attitude towards the hike. In Parker there were bonds made between the girls who struggled and the girls who encouraged. Physically, the girls in both cabins grew stronger and some were challenged through the three days.

Parker and Richter got so much stronger mentally during the three day hike. I know from being in Parker, that we grew so much as a team all together. To get Parker through the hike, we all were thinking about the end and how happy we were all going to be in ourselves and each other when we finished. Richter had girls at the front of the group making sure everyone was okay and participating as a group.

We are all very happy to get back to Binga and have nice showers and have toilets! 

Day 15:  25/07/17

Students: Rylan and Alex

Blog entry:

Hello everyone,

Today at Binga we went on our trail ride on the horses. That was a lot of fun but my horse was a bit grumpy, so yeah. We also did this high ropes course called the Lily Pads, which are these four circular platforms high in the air that you have to jump between. Each platform is connected to three long ropes that dangle to the ground, and people below have to try and pull them so you can walk between the platforms easier,


Hello the people,

This is my second Binga Blog and I am quite excited to be writing on this platform. Today my group did archery which was ok, and then the high ropes activity known as Lily Pads. The lily pads is a high ropes activity which involves you climbing up a ladder to a small platform 7 metres high and jumping onto this small wooden lily pads, hang in the air. The rest of the group on the ground tries to balance the lily pads as they try to control them with 3 long pieces of ropes attached to each one. Going up the ladder and the jumping between the lily pads was the hardest part of the experience.

Day 14: 24/07/17

Students: Byron and William Lee

Blog entry: The morning of 24/7 we started with an energetic morning run but it was only with the boy because the girls were prepping for the 3 day hike while the boys will be going on Wednesday 26/7. Last night we had a phat batch of pizza baked by amazing chefs, tonight we are going to have a phat batch of nachos for dinner. All the groups except the girls group went on the high ropes called the giant ladder, as you can imagine they are 6 big logs of wood which is connected to each other by a metal rope hanging from a very high place. This course is different because it required teamwork to lift each other up to the next step. This course isn’t about getting to the top quickly, it’s about working as a team to get to top, if you leave a person behind and went by yourself, you would not be able to complete the course. Group 1 and 2 got to horse riding and they rode there horses through 3 different levels depending on how well the groups did when practicing horse riding. 2 other groups did archery which was fun. Everyone at camps is doing well and is ready for any challenges that are thrown at them.

Day 13: 23/07/17


It is now the end of the second week at Binga. It is already halfway through the Binga experience and it has been an amazing journey. This weekend has given everyone time to relax and get ready for next week. Week three is looking promising and exciting with the three day hike, horse riding bush track and more challenges like the high ropes courses. Family day is coming soon and all the cabin groups are creating performances for their family members. The remaining two weeks of Binga might as well be something we will never forget.


The second weekend has arrived and it is time to relax and unwind from the busy week of Binga. The weekend has offered people to play a popular game called “Speed” and also the time to relax and reflect on the past two weeks of Binga that has involved challenges, teamwork and perseverance. But definitely most of all, Binga has been a life changing experience and something that I definitely won’t forget for a long time to come.

Day 12:  22/07/17

Students: Lachie and Dylan

Blog Entry: Currently here at Mt Binga 3:52pm kiddos are doing jobs. We came back from survival on Friday. Many people found survival a challenge and some found it a great experience that they will remember forever. The girls are also heading out on their three day hike on Monday. Last night the cooks whipped a phat batch of Muzz’s chicken. We also had some pancakes for breakfast, they were gone in about 5 seconds.

Lachie and Dylan

Day 11:  21/07/17

Blog Entry:

Hey guys! It’s Kezy & Kim from Parker right here at Mt Binga! For all those worried parents, everyone is doing good as we are all fine and well. Also, do not worry about the weather as it warms up quite a bit during the day. We will keep this blogpost short and sweet to keep your short attention span intact.

Here are our highlights of today:

  • -At 6:15am we woke up to a chilly morning for fitness. Instead of the usual 2km morning run, Dan took the girls to watch the sunrise on an outlook overlooking a beautiful view.
  • -Just before morning tea the boys arrived back from their three day survival.
  • -The girls prepared for their three day hike starting on Monday.
  • -As we write this, a smoke alarm went off in the Schulz (boys) cabin. Smoke alarms are quite sensitive here and it is not a surprise to hear it daily.

The majority of the girls are dreading the three day hike as the two day hike was a definite killer. The leaders all tell us it would be a great experience however, we are all quite doubtful. Apparently, the 3 day hike is the one campout that would have the biggest and best effect on our character.

The two of us think that the Binga life is a good life. It has already become and feels like home. Emotionally, physically and spiritually we feel Binga has made a positive impression. We look forward to what the remaining two weeks will bring.

As some people have not received letters we would like to remind parents and friends to send them. Letters mean so much to all of us so please do not underestimate the power of writing!

                                                                                                                               Lots of love,                                                                                 Heirene & Keziah

Day 10: 20/07/17

Student Names: Issi and Sarah

So yesterday the girls came back from survival, meaning waking up with the morning bell was quite a challenge. We all headed out to the flag post and had our weekly timed run. It was absolutely freezing! After the usual morning schedule (run, reflection, breakkie and cabin inspections) all the girls split up into their activity groups for the day.

So I (Issi) had archery and even though it was around 9:30am it was still sooo cold. So we went through turns of shooting the target and then at the end we played a game. The game was to shot at the some plastic pigeons sitting in front of the target. I had three shots, the first just missed, the second hit and then on the third I hit the pigeon straight on and it flew off and broke (whoops, but I mean I do have a pretty amazing shot). Then we all headed back for morning tea.

My (Sarah) second activity for the day was horse riding. We started the session just riding around the arena a few times, until we were all ready to start learning 360 degree turns. Surprisingly this wasn’t that difficult, and we were all able to complete this, along with Dan adding many fun games in to help us improve. By the end, Sammy (my horse) and I were able to complete the little “competition”-type game in 4-seconds (we didn’t win obviously haha) – the fastest time was 1.7 seconds!

Each activity group completed 2 high rope activities over 2 days – today’s being the Vertical Playground. What you did was start on the ground then climb up onto horizontal logs, followed by a vertical string of tires, then onto a large rope net until to you stood up on the top. There were two sets of tire strings, one on each side so two people could a climb at a time. Bu then in the middle there was a rope string that you could climb up instead for a challenge. The only person who was able to climb up it was Nassi, everyone else tried and couldn’t do it.

Then after lunch the two cabins headed into initiative. Parker did an activity called ‘Tangled’. What happened was that there was a really long piece of string that was weaved under, over and between a set of trees. Then you found one of the numbered trees and attached your harness to the string. From there you had to follow the string away from your tree until you finally returned to your number. The string was really long and even with an hour to complete this activity, not everybody finished! At the end of our session, Brooke talked about how “Tangled” is a great representation for the journey of life. Life is a really long journey, were you either have smooth patches or difficult patches. During this journey you’re constantly surrounded by people. You can either help others and work faster together or completely ignore them and continue on.  

We send our love to our family and friends and hope everybody back at school is having great fun doing assignments (hehe). Cya guys when we get back! Xoxo

Day 9:  19/7/17

Student Names: Sofie and Jordy

Hey everyone,

The girls are now back from survival safe and sound and the boys have just embarked on their survival trip. On Monday morning Parker and Richter (the girls cabins) set out to complete their three day survival camp. We got to the camp site hoping for an easy 3 days but we were challenged with many obstacles such as teamwork, working in the dark and been out of our comfort zones. We were challenged physically with having to construct our own home, bathroom and kitchen. Playing to our strengths, we (parker) ended up with a wind, sun and water proof shelter that kept us all warm and dry throughout the night which proved very helpful on night two as it rained and very heavy winds came through. We also made a functioning kitchen and bathroom and to add a little fun to the camp site, Grace and Zoe made a log swing and on the last night we roasted marshmallows on the fire.

As well as challenging us physically, the trip also challenged us mentally. We had to learn how to handle different personalities, how to work in a team and how to keep our patience. Working with unfamiliar people and learning how to cooperate has taught us to never judge a book by its cover and to keep open minds in hard situations. We all grew closer over the trip as friends and as a cabin group and have learnt to appreciate each other more. The boys left today for their survival so it’s just the girls here now and we are keeping them in our prayers and hoping that they get the full experience of survival.

Mr Arnold and Mr Reinhold were also welcomed visitors when we were out there. It was nice to see familiar faces and get letters from all our friends back at school. It has also been great to hear from families and loved ones and as our stay continues we are missing everyone a lot.

After settling back into camp the girls got straight into activities. All of us did centipede which is a high ropes game that involves climbing up an 8 meter log and then hanging from the top. We had to trust the people on the ground that were doing the ropes and it taught us to face our fears, trust others more and it brought us closer together as a group. Other activities included archery and horse riding. Archery was an amazing experience which was different for many of us. It was hard at first but we all encouraged each other to do our best and get the bullseye. The girls on the horses pushed through windy conditions to have an enjoyable 1 ½ hours with the horses learning how to ride and respect them. We are all looking forward to the trail ride next week.

Right now it is afternoon jobs and we are all looking forward to showers, dinner and a good night sleep in a real bed

Keeping everyone in our prayers, much love and stay safe

 Sof and Jordy


Day 8: 18/07/2017

Allan and Jordan

Good evening everyone,

Today we had a really awesome day doing archery, horse riding, and high ropes. This was our second time of archery, and I personally done a better job than the first. The horse riding was my favourite today as we got our own horse which was awesome as you were able to have the whole hour or so on your own horse. We did different types of activities such as learning to turn a full 360 around, and also did a lot more activities. The high ropes activity called vertical playground was my challenge today and was the same for many others, as you had to climb up four set of tyres and metre length of rope, and also climb another metre or two till the tope and do as many pull ups as you can. After the activities we had lunch and then we prepared for survival which is surviving two days on our own, while making our own shelter and entertainment. The different things we learnt for our survival tomorrow was how to make a knot and also to make fire, with flint and steel.

The past week I have learnt a lot, and also how to live with people, that you even might not like. And also have learnt many ways to improve my life skills at home.

Hello everyone, this is my second blog from Mount Binga. Last time I talked about hikes and activities. This time I am going to be talking about my second week so far. On Monday, we started to do some more activities such as Horses and High ropes. I enjoyed these activities because with the horses we did way more obstacle courses with them and it was good. The vertical playground was very challenging but I ended up pulling through. I also had a fear of heights which I also conquered. On Tuesday, we did more activities but this time we did Archery and vertical playground. Archery was fun but I did worse than last time so it was a bit of a letdown. The vertical playground was hard as it is hard to climb because you can find any grip to climb on.

Mount Binga is pretty fun coming into the second week and I am enjoying myself so far. Goodbye.   

Day 7: 16/07/2017

Student Names: Imogen and Zoe

Today was Sunday as you all know and it was a pretty quiet day. Apart from the occasional Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard Jam session which were quite loud. The washing machines were running all day with multiple loads of red clothing that used to be white. A group of us took up our time with trying to master the slack line, which many did not succeed. The rest of the day was filled with fuzball, ping pong, card games and magic tricks performed by the one and only Nikhil. Brook taught yoga to a couple of girls while Zuma the dog laid right down in front of me (Zoe) and showed me up at the downward dog. We lazed around for a few hours today which was nice to finally relax after a very full week of hikes, jobs, morning runs and all the activity’s. The funniest part of the day was when brook had to run for the phone every hour because someone was prank calling Binga, it was very funny especially when she was in the middle of slack lining.

Message from Zoe: Hi Mum, Dad and Sam. Firstly, Sam I hope your 17th birthday yesterday was fun and or enjoyable. I hope everyone is having a great time at school and enjoying being able to sleep in to whatever time you want on the weekend cause we can’t.  Mum, Dad and Sam I really love and miss you and see you in three weeks.

Message from Immy: Hi Mum, Dad and Jemma. I miss you all so much and love you with all my heart. I hope everyone at school is having a good time without us and good luck with the maths assessment… It’s a doozie.

P.s Sofie and Jordy say Hi. Right now they are cleaning the boy’s bathroom and crying.

Day 6: Date:  15/7/17

Kiaan, Nina and Sophee

Blog Entry: So today was our first weekend here at Binga. Weekends are chill so it was a very enjoyable day. We had lots of spare time today where we had the opportunity to bake cookies, do our washing, make bracelets (Dylan was pretty good), play board games, cards or sports and get our Binga shirts. Nina, Kiaan, Sofie and I (Sophee) made coconut cookies and jam drops that we all had for afternoon tea. They were really good. The girls did jobs this afternoon and there is currently a power outage so the girls doing dairy had to milk the cows by hand instead of using the machine. We had pancakes for breakfast and they were really good. Tonight we’re having chicken Caesar salad for dinner and we are all very excited because we finally get to have bacon.  Hi mum, it’s Nina. I LOVE YOU. HI MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER AND EVERYONE ELSE ITS SOPHEE LOVE YOU! HEY MUM AND DAD AND MAX OXOX LOVE YOU LOADS XOXOX. 

Day 5:  14/07/17

Blog Entry: Besa, Naureen and Carol 

Today, we woke up late and lost 70 points for not arriving on time, at least we have 1.5 points left over. We went horse riding and did sugar gliding (high ropes). The horse riding and sugar gliding was so much fun, we want to do it again. We miss our homes and now we are learning to appreciate our luxuries and over privileged lives back home. We cooked toast for our whole cabin and we felt proud because we are pretty sure we made the most toast that has ever been made before. We’re still not used to this life, kind of want to go back home.... sometimes. Right now we are sitting under the macadamia trees, cracking some nuts. We can’t wait to ride the horses on our own for 1 hour. We are excited for the weekend because we get to wake up at 7am on the weekend and we are also excited to wash our clothes. The staff here are very funny such as Marcus and Leena is amazing at what she does. LOVE OUR FAMILIES SO MUCH. 

Day 4 – Sarah L. & Vivien & Sharolyn & Sunny

On Wednesday, we set off on our intro hike carrying our hiking packs which were extremely heavy, but our spirits and enthusiasm remained high. We walked at a fast pace in order to reach our camp site as early as possible. Our group (Richter) arrived at approximately at 2pm where we began to set up our tents and cooking utensils in order to prepare for dinner (which was sausages and noodles). After finishing our delicious meal it started to get dark, hence we started a camp fire. We admired the stars in the dark as it twinkled and shined intensely, some girls were able to see the shooting stars flying in the sky. The sun began to set thus we decided to return to our tents and relax. Us girls (Sarah L. Sammy, Sharolyn, Sunny, Vivien, Sohini, Divya, and Vanessa) in the tent seemed to chat for eternity we all felt like a big family. After our long chat we all were prepared for a good night sleep however that was not the case since it was freezing. When we woke up we couldn’t feel our feet and we found ice frozen in our shoes we were all surprised at how cold the temperature was in the morning. After we had breakfast (cereal) we began to pack up our tents back into the bags and do our final clean ups. And began our second part of the journey back to Binga. Our group (Richter) managed to overtake Parker (the other group of girls) HAHAHAHAH we were all very proud. When we arrived at Binga we unpacked the tents in order to dry them for our next hike. We are excited and looking forward to our future activities at Mt Binga.


Day 3 - 12/07/17

Blog Entry: Jordan T

Hello everyone its Jordan. Today we prepared for our 2 day hike. We learned how to start a fire in an camping stove and cook food on it, we also learnt how to limit our resource and build our tent. The 2 day hike starts tomorrow and I am pretty excited to go. The walk sounds boring but learning how to survive in the wild sounds fun. This is my third day at Binga and its pretty fun so far. The staff are nice and are fun to joke with. The worst part is waking up everyone morning at 6:30 then straight into a run. Even though I don’t like to run. It’s also horrible as I have a bad cough at the moment. My favourite thing from Binga is being with friends and learning all new things together. I can already tell the following weeks are going to be fun and I am excited, especially for the solo activity. Goodbye.

Blog entry: Alex K

My time at Binga has been very cool so far. We spent the day preparing for our 2 day hike which will take place tomorrow. We learnt the virtue of sharing and caring for each other as a cabin group under the supervision of a spiritual, mystery man known as Popey. We as a cabin group get closer and closer as the days go by. Yesterday we had an action-packed day full of amazing and exciting activities, such as: Archery, Horse riding and Sugar Glider, in which valuable team building was formed. I do hope that the time we spend at Mt Binga keeps getting better and better.

Blog Entry: Michael G

So far my experience at Binga has been very fun. Yesterday we had a rotation of activities such as horse riding, archery and the sugar glider. I enjoyed all of these activities and found that there was something to learn from each of them. The sugar glider taught us how to communicate as a team to meet a common goal, archery taught us how to strive for accuracy and persist at things that we commit ourselves to and horse riding taught us patience and we also learnt how to look after the horses. I hope that our experience is just as good as it has been for the rest of the month.

Blog Entry: Nikhil K

My first three extravagant, exciting and exhilarating days at Mt. Binga have been so far, an absolutely delightful experience. We are constantly driven to push our limits to the boundaries, be cooperative and show persistence at all times throughout the camp. The Binga staff present perfect, opportunities to expose all students to unique chance of getting outside their comfort zone. Additionally, we are shown to communicate proficiently as a team in order to achieve a common ambition, and excel in other factors such as perseverance and having gratitude. So far the Mt. Binga experience only gets significantly better as time goes on. I look forwards to extending my capabilities in the weeks to come.

Day 2 - 11/07/2017

Divya & Sariah

Today started off fairly early, according to me (Divya). We woke up 6:15am, as per usual, got ready and walked the morning run, which the Binga staffs led. Lucky for the dairy people, they didn’t have to do the run. After that we did a short journaling session of which we had to answer some questions from a bible verse that we had all received, while the cooking people were preparing breakfast and the dairy people were finishing up their jobs. After that, the girls and boys separated and so the girls started their preparation for their 2 day hike tomorrow (Wednesday), while the boys did their activities. Right now, we’re in our afternoon jobs – oddies, including jobs that basically don’t fit into the other job categories, like writing this blog. Though we have all settled in alright, I hope that I really enjoy and that Family Day comes by quickly.

It’s the first full day here at Mt Binga. Things have started out great, and my (Sariah) cabin (Parker) is already really organised and prepared for our stay. The morning began with a restless awakening and heading down to the animal pens. I was part of a group called ‘Dairy’, where our job meant we missed out on the morning fitness and part of the reflection time. We headed back up to the ‘hub’ of Mt Binga and ate our breakfast and listened to some boys give out the devotion for the day. After that, we needed to get the show on the road with some activities. The girls partook of some preparation for our 1-night-2-day hike and the Parker cabin took their sweet, sweet time making lunch which took a whopping 3 hours to actually make. Some tent demonstrations later and we arrived to our afternoon jobs. These include Dairy, Wood chopping, Clean up and ‘Oddies’, etc. We’re well prepared for our hike and I know I’ll pass out the moment my head hits the pillow.

To our parents, we miss you sooooooooooooo much and we know you can’t live without our fabulous company.

Day 1:  10/07/17

Sharolyn and Sunny:

First day at Binga! We’ve been looking forward for this since the beginning of this year and this day has finally come. Since we saw the sign of Mt Binga and stepped foot into this community, we are all so excited and can’t wait for the journey ahead! Today was full of fun! We walked around and explored the area. We love the macadamia tree nuts and we kept cracking and eating them. But Sharolyn hasn’t managed to crack one so far, while I, compared to Sharolyn have cracked and ate so many. Our first meal here at Binga is sausages sizzles. I (Sunny) ate two sausage sizzles while Sharolyn had none because that’s called Sharolyn. (I’m still hungry). Today is Debenjamin’s birthday, we had chocolate cakes for afternoon tea. It was so delicious. I couldn’t believe we can have chocolate cakes as delicious as this one on camp. Sharolyn and I were the last people getting the cake. We had the whole tray of the left over scraps to ourselves, after we were done we were told to wash it. It took so long, like 30 minutes and it has not been cleaned yet as the chocolate sticks on the tray. This made our sink muddy and disgusting, just like the poop outside that the cows have dropped. We met the horses, the baby cows and the alpaca. Right now we are sitting next to the fire area and we can smell the delicious food getting cooked in the kitchen and we are hungry again. I am wondering what they are cooking??? The staff here are really nice as we are in the Richter cabin and are thankful for the people in our cabin and the people who spent times, hours, organizing our times at Binga. I wonder what will the dinner be and what tomorrow will be like. Girls are going on our first hike on Wednesday. I’m looking forward for it.

We miss everyone back home and school!!! I Love You All! JJJJJJJJJ We are waiting for your letters.

Love you all!


First day at Mount. Binga. Things are off to an exiting start. We have lots of amazing activities ahead of us, all the staff are friendly and helpful and everyone is having a great time. It is interesting and intuitive how everything here works with its own unique purposes. I am personally exited for doing the 3 day hike and the horse riding lessons. If my parents are reading this, I want to tell you that I wish you were here and I miss you.

Jemimah: After a long bus ride, we finally arrived at Mt Binga. Today the leaders showed us around the camp site and what to do there. I am in the Parker cabin and our group leader is Brooke and she is really nice. Myself and a few other people chose the “Oddies” job which is simply just doing odd jobs like lighting the fire for showers, checking the water, checking the rain and the water pressure and also the Blog. We also got told about Margaret (or Muzz). Muzz looks after us in the cabins at night time. The leaders like to put it that “Muzz is always watching”. We completed our first activity which was an orienteering activity so we could get to know our surroundings. The girls go on their over night hike on Wednesday which seems so soon. Things are different here which will take some time getting used to. The other Oddies are organising g the devotion which we are going to do it on worry and anxiety as we are all afraid of the unknown. I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU MUM AND DAD!!

Hunter and Dylan

It’s been alright so far, keen to have some Binga milk because we heard it’s pretty yummy. Miss you mummy and daddy/step daddy. Xoxox.