Camp 1 2018

Day 25: 21st June 2018


Today, all of the Binga Campers participated in Challenge Day, in which all the students challenged themselves with different activities to prove their Cabin is Resilient.

As a decider to start off the games, the previous night on the 20th of June was held trivia night. This containing questions involving general knowledge, Binga knowledge, and Binga Staff knowledge. Maddie; the leader of the Parker cabin, gave the Parker girls a slight advantage towards the competition, completing the trivia with all correct answers (they cheated). As a reward they were allowed to sleep in while all the losing boys and girls did morning fitness.

Thursday morning, after the exhausting morning run the losing teams were forced to participate in, all five Cabin groups met up to play an exasperating game of Rob the nest. The three boys Cabins, Greasley, Shultz and Fielke all teamed up to rob the eggs of the precious Parker cabin in the spite of their unworthy win on Trivia Night (it was Egg-stravagant). After Rob the Nest, all the campers went over to Adrian’s wall, a ten foot wall situated next to the high ropes course. As a teamwork exercise, all the students had to help each other lift each other up the wall. Parker beat Greasley by 1 second on the course (which was totally expected of the Parker girls).

After Morning Tea, all of the students participated in an Archery competition where the cabins lined up in groups individually taking shots with arrows. This time parker not being the successor. Greasley had more of a tactical advantage. Next, the students persevered through a high ropes course where four people challenged themselves climbing up a cylindrical pole trying to reach a platform and stand all feet on the top, whilst the rest of the cabin had to keep a pipe filled with holes arising with water. All of the groups got thoroughly drenched in their efforts.

Next the students did a teamwork activity where they had to use teamwork ski’s and move their feet in a synchronised order. The goal to walk on the ski’s together in an effort to get the flint and steel to light a fire. Whichever team to light their fire and break a string with their fire first wins.

To finish the day, each team sung their war-cries to prove their worthiness. Parker was highly influential but at the end of the day, personally Shultz won the war cry with their yelling dancing frantics. Sewells competitiveness towards Parker throughout the day, ran their thrust for glory. Sadly coming equally last with Fielke.

Just another normal day at Binga. 

Day 24: 20th June 2018

Ammon, Sarah and Sienna

Today, the girls did two different activities. We had service learning and we also went on our horse trail. In service learning, we contributed towards making a fence to go around the orchard near the dairy area. The horse trail, went for around 40 minutes and was really fun. We went through bushes and on dirt roads, and went up and down hills. We then finished up by unsaddling the horses and brushing them.

The girls came back from solo on the 19th of June and the boys came back from solo this afternoon. In solo, you stay in tents, that you set up on your own, on your own, with limited food and other resources. We had to entertain ourselves with word searches, by reading books and doing other things such as playing solitaire. 

Day 23: 19 June

Students: Beatrice Lau, Olivia Lizana, Erika Sorensen

Blog Entry: Today the boys went to solo and the girls arrived back from solo. After debrief, unpacking our bags and eating lunch, the girls did a high ropes course called “Lily Pads.” This was a challenging course but fun at the same time because we worked together as a team to complete the activity. The lily pads challenge is where you have to walk along metal plates high up in the air. These were attached to ropes that were pulled by people on the ground. Overall this was a fun experience that we will never forget. After that went back to our normal routines such as afternoon tea and jobs.

Day 22: 18th June

Josh P and Connor

Today the girls left for solo while the boys stayed at Binga doing activities. When everyone woke up for morning run it was 1˚ and because it was so cold some people huddled together for warmth. Today there were 3 activities we took part in. They were, Lily pads (high ropes), horse trails and service learning. In horse trails we rode through the bush on horses. In lily pads two people would climb up poles would climb up poles and then they would go across small unstable platforms and try to get to the other side. Service learning is where the school group builds something for Binga, we are building a garden fence.  

Day 19: 16th June

Erika and Ava 

Today everyone has free time so we had some people baking some treats for survival and some people were making a mural foot painting. The mural foot painting used paint and our feet to make a big sign with everyone’s name that helped with the sign, other pictures of whatever we liked to draw and Mt Binga in the middle of the sign. Today we also had family day preparations which in our cabins we had to figure out a presentation for family day. That’s coming up really soon and everyone is getting very excited and also sad about Binga ending, because this last week has gone by so quickly because of our 4 day hike.

Day 18: 15th June


Today the first hike group participated in a number of activities including: giant’s ladder on high ropes, archery and initiatives. Both Sarah and Ella did the giant’s ladder with me. In twenty minutes we only ended up getting to the third pole (out of 6), because we were very bad at helping each other getting up to the next pole and we spent most of the time laughing or yelling. For archery we started with practice shots then we moved on to trying to hit fake birds that are attached to the target. The two initiative activities we did today were: Spider’s Web and Paddle Puzzle. For the Spider’s Web we had to get through a “web” made out of rope. We were not allowed to touch the rope or the wood that is holding the rope and everyone had to go through a different hole. For the next activity we had to cross the “river” but each person in the group is a different character and has different rules they have to follow. Some of the rules were: 2 people in the boat at a time, the criminal has to be with the police officer, the mum can’t be with the sons, the dad can’t be with the daughters and etc. For the rest of the day we are doing jobs and relaxing.

Day 17: 14/6/18

Nick and Josh L

Half of us have just got back from the four day hike, while the other half get back tomorrow. Over the four days we have hiked around 40 kilometres. In the four days we hiked to three different places;

Day 1: Mt Binga to Camara Dam                Day 2: Camara Dam to Gersekowski’s farm

Day 3: Gersekowski’s farm to Klein’s Road campground          Day 4: Klein’s Road campground to Mt Binga

Without a warm bed, shower or comfortable shelter, the four day hike showed us how much we appreciate our belongings. Collaboration was one of the Binga values that we were challenged with. We had to work as a team throughout the hike to get through it. We were put in groups with other cabin members so we could build new relationships. Although the hike was strenuous, demanding and difficult we all persevered and completed the hike.

Day 15:11/06/18

Ava, Shae and Caden

Today the first group left for the four day hike. The other group (that are leaving for the four day hike tomorrow) had other activities on today such as the high rope course were we did the giants ladder which is 7 tree logs spaced far apart that we had to climb up with two other people. The higher up we got the bigger the space was between each log. It was a very hard activity that we had to do with 2 other people and help each other climb to the top. It was very challenging (some groups took 40min) so we had to preserver until we reached the top. During Archery many of the people already knew the drill, swiftly setting up the equipment and shooting with increased accuracy. After the Archery we still had about 30 minutes of time before Morning Tea. Our group spent most of the time playing games such as wink murder. After lunch we did two activities which were called spider’s webs and paddle puzzle. Spider’s web was an activity which we had to get our whole team through serval different sized holes that were between two pieces of wood. We were not allowed to touch the rope and if we did we had to start it again. This was a very good team building exercise because we had to help each other by carrying or lifting others through the spaces. The other activity was called paddle puzzle which was were our team had different roles such as Mum, Dad, Daughter, Son, Twins, Police officer criminal and others. The point of the exercise was to get across the ‘river’ without certain people being with others. Like the criminal couldn’t be left alone without the police officer being there so this was a team exercise because we had to talk to each other and make sure it was in the correct order. 

Day 14: 10/6/18

Erika & Annabelle  Today, we did the daily routine of reflection, eating breakfast, room inspection and cleaning the cabins. We didn’t really do much today because the weekends are normally free time and washing clothes. Mr Arnold and Mr Simpfendorfer came today and we had lunch together of hot dogs. Mr Simpfendorfer brought a ball that was made out of harden straw? I’m not sure what it is made out of but, it is really cool. Later in the afternoon, some of us had jobs. Erika and I did oddies, which is basically cleaning the toilets, mopping the floor, filling the toilet with paper towels and rolls and taking out the bin. We worked in a group of 5 people. Max, Alex, Kush, Erika and I were in a group. Each of us had a rather interesting experience… Since we were working together, it was very fun. We have to go now because we need to eat dinner. Cya guys! 

Day 13: 9/6/18

Shae and Olivia K

Today started off with having awesome scrambled eggs for breakfast. Maddie and Marcus were on today and they cracked us up. This week we have our 4 day hike which will be challenging. Some of us choose to bake for this week. Shae made a cheesecake which was hard because we had no cream cheese but we managed. Liv made brownies with Sarah, Megan and Beatrice. The top of the brownies ended up burning a bit but they still tasted really nice. Some other people made pizza scrolls for their cabin for lunch, they tasted AMAZING. For the rest of the day we played card games and had fun playing soccer with Zoomer (Adrian’s dog) even though he ripped the ball into two pieces.  Bye for Now! 

Day 12: 8 Jun 2018

Students: Olivia Lizana and Megan Kelly

Blog: On Wednesday we came back from survival, after doing some team building exercises. These exercises included; the stretcher and bridge challenge. The stretcher challenge included someone being carried in a stretcher whilst six other people carried them down a steep hill over mud. This challenge was very messy however it was extremely fun. The second activity entailed building a bridge over a tub of water with sticks and rope which allowed somebody to walk over it. After that we walked back to camp and unpacked from our adventure. The next day we did horse riding and archery, they were both very fun and everyone did really well. Today we did two high ropes activities, they were called vertical playpen and the centipede, and these activities were challenging and scary for some. After we went to the kitchen with Leena and baked multiple yummy treats, this includes doughnuts, nougat and milkshakes.  

Day 11 : 7th June 2018

Student: Beatrice

Blog Entry: Today was a relaxing day because the boys were off to survival. No wonder it was so quiet here! The day started off well because we did not need to do morning fitness. Today, there were 2 main activities: Horse Riding and Archery. All 17 girls were split into two groups, taking rotations at each activity. During archery, we learned how to shoot with a bow and arrow. We got to practice hitting targets and had a great time even though the winds today were so strong. Afterwards, there was a mini activity we had to do called ‘Tangled’. It was basically a maze where we had to start at our designated spot and find our way back. Although it was quite frustrating, we were taught many values that would stick with us throughout life. Horse riding was also a blast! We got to ride independently and learned how to ride horses more in depth. The whole session was based on learning to control our horses and getting used to the terrain in which we will do a trail on in week 4. After our activities, we went back to our normal routine of doing jobs and preparing to go to sleep. Despite the cold weather, everyone had a lot of fun.

Oh and also, HI MUM. 

Date: 6th June 2018

Name: Mikaela and Lucy

Blog: This morning the girls woke up on our last day of survival.  We had a 7am start to be ready to be packed up by 8am.  After packing up, we participated in some activities.  The first activity was stretcher.  We had to carry one person on a stretcher and carry them down and up a hill.  It was a really steep slope with nothing much to grab onto and a puddle of mud down at the bottom of the hill.  The first group spent 40 minutes getting down the steep slope and climbing the hill and halved their time on the second attempt.  We all had mud up to our knees and were complaining about the smell of the mud and the mud in our shoes.  The second group struggled as three of their team members were neck deep in mud.  They doubled the time of their first attempt.  Many of them were complaining (as you could imagine) the whole walk back to Binga. The second activity was called bridge.  We had to build a bridge over a tub of water with long sticks and rope.  This was fairly difficult as everyone in the group had to cross. After we cleaned up, we then participated in an orienteering activity which was completed in pairs or small groups.  At the moment, we are all looking forward to our showers and to a good night’s sleep.

Date:  6/5/18

Students: Hamish, Elijah, Anthony, Kush

Blog Entry: It’s been two days since the girls have left for survival, it’s been quiet, too quiet… Though apart from that it has been a normal week so far. The boys have been back at Binga doing activities for the past two days. Those being horse riding, high ropes (specifically the nine metre high centipede and the vertical play-pen) and archery. Personally our favourite has been horse riding as we have acquired a new skill that may not be useful but have pushed our confidence and pushed us out of our comfort zone. Later this afternoon we did survival prep where we learnt how to build a shelter and some necessary knots and techniques to survive without the comforts of home. During prep we also did some baking for survival where we made brownies and ANZAC cookies. Mr Arnold and Mr Beidermann left today after going to visit the girls and watch the boys do their activities. Tonight for dinner we are having fried rice and almost all of us are excited for that. We are excited to go to survival tomorrow morning. We hope to learn many more skills and can’t wait for family day to see our family and share the many experiences we have had over these one and a half weeks.

Day 7 - 4th June 2018

Students: Alex, Nick, Caden        

Today was the first day of the second week out of our four weeks at Binga. Today, the girls in the group set off on their three days of survival. While the boys participated in activities such as horse riding, high ropes and archery. The boys that were at camp, were split up into three groups, so each of the groups did one of the three activities. The boys will be going off to survival in two days, when the girls come back. Most of the boys are pretty psyched to go off to survival and most of them are already planning what they are going to do. The boys have been re-telling great stories and adventures they’ve had throughout last week and talking about what they are going to be doing. We have three hours of free-time a day. You can use this time to write letters, sit around the camp fire or even play 8 ball pool with your friends. Most of the people been playing a plethora of card games and musical instruments. I♥U MUM

Day 7 - 3rd June 2018

Student: Josh S

Yesterday and today was free-time, we got to play pool, Ping-Pong and enjoy time with friends. Some of us sat around and played a series of card games. After getting back from the 2 day hike it was good to have time to relax and socialise. This morning’s breakfast was pancakes, and yesterday was bacon and eggs! Most people are forming more friendships by the day and been able to spend more time with them. The girls had to prepare for the survival hike today while the boys cleaned the horse’s blankets.

Day 5 - Date:  1/6/2018 

Student: Erika 

Today my group was doing the sugar glider and horse riding while the other group was on part 2 of the 2 day hike.  My group was doing sugar glider first and then we had ham and cheese toasties for lunch. By lunch time, the other group had arrived back from the 5km hike back to camp. The 5km was easier that the 7.9km up to the camp site. It was very hilly compared to the 5km back. Tonight we are getting mail and we are excited to get mail on Monday from school. We get extra sleep on the weekend and FINALLY wash our clothes. Right now I’m sitting by the fire with people listening to ukulele. Tonight’s dinner is chicken curry and rice. 

Day 4 - Date:  31/5/2018

Students: Prashil

Three days ago during the 28th of May, we were taught how to read the map of Mt Binga, as well as reading a compass and incorporating these skills in challenges throughout our camp. We were then given tents by the Binga staff and were taught how to build it all together. On the next day we were finally given a compass to read directions, a map to see each checkpoint, some track notes stating where to go and the directions of our locations in order to begin our first hiking experience at Binga; 7.5kms to the hiking location and 5km back to base camp at Binga.

During the first day of the hike, it was quite a struggle to utilize our equipment given by the Binga staff but eventually through the process of trial and error of going to the wrong locations and comprehending the wording of the track notes wrong, we finally arrived at our camping grounds. We were then given tents by the staff on the camping grounds and went on to build them, as well as unpacking and placing our mats and then our sleeping bags on top of that so we have a place to sleep. We all then went to make our campfire and snuggled up to each other, singing songs and telling stories to each other, along with the dirty mess of creating our own holes for our toilets and using baby wipes and tissues to wipe our mess, leaving everything in the hole. For the remainder of that day, a massive wind came gushing into our tents, creating a giant tent for whoever was sleeping on that side. Sleeping in the tents with this annoyingly massive gush of wind was quite difficult, leaving some of us awake all night and others sleeping like a log.

The next day, we all woke up, walking like zombies towards our campfire in order to collect our breakfast. We all had a chance to engage into our community, making new friends as well as having a chance to strengthen our relationships with friends we already know and love. A few hours after, we began packing our hiking gear, tents and other equipment and began strolling back with our hiking bags, utilising our maps and compass reading skills back to our base camp, with a few mistakes here and there. Overall, this experience was enjoyable, challenging and taught us many core skills that we need to incorporate into our daily lives. 

Day 3, Wednesday the 30th of May

Students: Tavish, Nicholas

We are three days into our Mt. Binga experience, half of us have gone off on a 2 day hike (12km in total) whilst the rest of us are in preparation for the hike tomorrow. Throughout our hiking preparation we learned to cook on a camping stove. Most students are very excited for the hike. On weekdays we do jobs from 3:30pm – 5:00pm. We have a selection of jobs to choose from. Even after 3 days it feels like we belong here and we’re already adapting to the Binga routine.

Day 2, Tuesday the 29th of May

Students: Blog Entry: Kevin and Nathan

Today we woke up at 6:15am, at 6:30 we did our fitness, which is timed 2k run. We were then given individual spots around the campus. We reflected on how we felt and responded to these challenges and jobs. After the reflection time, we had cereal and toasties for breakfast. After the breakfast, we cleaned our cabin, and the staffs inspected our cabin and award us with Binga points. We then had hiking preparation for the 2 day hike we learnt how to read a compass, how to set up a tent and how to use the stoves. Tonight, we are going to pack our bags for our 2 day hike tomorrow.

Day 1, Monday the 28th of May                                        

Names: Mikaela Pfeffer, Yasmine De Vere

After many sad goodbyes, we left for a three hour long journey into the middle of nowhere.  There were multiple songs yelled over the radio.  After finally arriving, we settled into our cabins, unpacked and added personal touches.  We were then introduced to our surrounding environment and camp leaders through fun and quick activities. These activities consisted of finding out codes, matching the staff’s names with their photos, and moving tires on three different posts with the least amount of moves.  While we were doing the activities there was a horse lying down on the grass and we all thought the horse was dead but it moved and it was actually alive! After this there was a trivia game where the cabins competed for Binga bucks which can buy you certain luxuries. After some spare time to get ourselves ready and to settle in, we were then asked to pick jobs to do around the camp such as: cleaning, cooking, farm work, wood chopping, creating devotions and dairy.  We are all getting either very excited or nervous about our 2 day hike coming up this week.  We are excited for dinner tonight as it is nachos and there is no doubt it will be amazing!