Camp 1 2017

Date: 21/06/17

Blog Writers: Elizaveta, Anastasia and Aubriana

There are only three days left at Binga!!! The boys are back from their 24 hour Solo experience. We then jumped straight into the debrief activities where we reflected on our individual experiences as a whole at Mt Binga and how we can use the key values and teachings in our future lives. We shared our experiences and memories with each other and we were able to laugh at each other’s points of view. We then played Finding Nemo, Tanks, Binga and Bang. In these games we were able to work together in team spirit that we had created throughout the camp. Without pointing out the obvious, Richter won each of the games and we are ready and pumped for the Challenge Day. Richter has been assigned the colour green to wear whilst parker is to wear blue. Many of us have just realized how much we have changed on this experience and we know how we can further develop into the person that we want to be. Many of us have improved physically, mentally and spiritually. All the devotions led by students and Andy have made us push ourselves into thinking where we sit on this Earth. We now know about the cross that each of us has to carry. The fire is going, the shower water is boiling. It has been a long time since we have had a shower that has not changed temperatures every minute. We expect that the boys are looking forward to a thorough shower. But after all the activities completed during the Binga experience, we appreciate even the smallest things including these showers. After losing the trust from the staff members, the boys earned back their opportunity to complete the ‘High All Aboard’ activity as they had lost the chance before. There is now no room for messing around as this experience is going to slide out of our grip at any moment. We are all eager for Family Day and everyone is in for a surprise. WE LOVE YOU MAMA’S AND PAPA’S!!!


If it is possible, everyone that plans to come to Family Day is to use a map to navigate to ensure that they arrive at Mt Binga’s campus at 9:30am.

Day 23: 20/6/2017

By: Paris and Georgia

Today the girls returned to camp from the 24hr solo experience. The solo was a great opportunity to reflect on our time at Mt Binga. We were required to write three letters; one to a teacher at Redeemer, one to a camp leader here at Binga and one to our future self that we will receive at the end of Grade 12. We also had to cook our own dinner which was 2 minute noodles, over a very small portable gas stove. Many girls had some amusing encounters with a range of different animal during the night, including echidnas, cows, frogs and wallabies. Most girls were also awakened to the sounds of the wildlife.

After we got back we were split into two groups. One group did the High All Aboard high ropes activity also known as the Leap of Faith. This involved the person climbing to the top of a slightly wobbly, 8m high pole before jumping/falling off the 30cm x 30cm platform. We did this individually and then attempted in small groups. Whist the first group did High All Aboard the second group did Service Learning in which they helped build a wall out of tyres. The groups then swapped and the first group (which we both were in) had to plant some trees around the Bush Chapel, helped to restore and put up a sign post and helped make skis that we will use on challenge day.

We are all sad that our My Binga experience is coming to an end, but we are all very much looking forward to seeing our families again on Family Day. 

Day 22: 19/06/2017

Students' Name: Alex T, Liam and Selwyn

Today we woke up at the normal time and played some fun games to start our final week at Mt Binga. The girls left for their solo experience which the boys will complete tomorrow. We had porridge cooked by our student cooks for breakfast then we completed/ attempted our cabin inspections. During this time some people started a food fight. As a result, we had some serious consequences for wasting food and more importantly losing trust in the staff at Mt Binga. Our consequence involved all the boys missing out on the High All Aboard ropes activity and having to do service learning for the day. These jobs included restoring an old sign, demolishing an old BBQ area, building a tyre wall and putting in place a cement pad underneath an oil tank in case of spill. Then we went into afternoon jobs and are now getting through our shower time ready for a chilled out night. 

Day 21: 18/06/2017

Students' Name: Chelsea and Navraj 

Woke up this morning at 6:45am at the sound of the bell ringing very loudly. We went straight into reflection time and had a chance to relax, reflect in our journals and write letters back home. Breakfast was bacon!!! After cabin inspections we had to find a way to entertain ourselves for the day. Luckily one of our instructors Brooke, offered to take a yoga class. The girls who had participated, meditated after and basically fell asleep. We then went to have lunch, as groups sat down and played various card games. Brooke than ran a friendship bracelet making session for the girls. We all enjoyed sitting around in each other’s company, laughing at some failed attempts. Anthony set up a slack line which was like a long elastic tight rope in-between two trees. We all were amused at how talented our instructors were (Brooke and Anthony, (not Marcus and Andy)). But then it was our turn. We all set to accomplish walking across whilst holding on to our friends hands. This was quite a challenge! Then some of us, “attempted” to walk across by ourselves (fail). The girls all headed to Bertha’ to pack our food for the next day which is the girls solo camp out. At 3:20 we split up and went to afternoon jobs. This consisted of Farm work, Dairy, Cooking, and Clean up, Baking, Oddies and Woodchop. Super excited for Dinner but kind of dreading the packing for Solo.

Day 20: 17/6/17

Students’ Name: Jesse & Ryan P

Four days ago we started our three day hike. It was an adventure of a life time we only wanted to do once in our time. These are the stories from Shultz and Greasley, (the two boy’s cabins.)


We started our journey on the first day with high spirits, but unfortunately we were stripped of our “track notes.” (The notes that get us to camp) This caused some uncertainty with each other which meant that we ultimately ended up at camp only five hours later. The second day was pretty easy and my group were fantastic, (again we didn’t have track notes.) finally the third day dawned on us and we began our adventure early in the morning. After three hours of great hiking we went the wrong way and did an extra ten kilometres which made us look so strong and totally impressed all the girls when we came back. So yeah that’s what we have been doing for the past four days and I’m sure I can say that most of us really enjoyed the experience.

By Jesse F.


To us the hike was the biggest challenge at Binga. Looking back at the Intro Hike, we had many troubles throughout that experience, our group nearly crumbled a few times. Our group had people going too fast, but some people at the back were going too slow. But in the three day hike our group decided to stay together and encourage each other to keep going. Some bits of the hike out plan didn’t work, because many people got very tired and negative, but we all pushed ourselves to get to the campsites. On the last day, there were many difficult hills, and our group made many mistakes during the walk, so we had to walk back many times. After lunch and 6km of walking, we met our instructor at the third logbook. Our instructor took two sticks put one on the road to the direction we were going to head, and a stick on another path. He told us that the path we were meant to take is 5km, but the other path only takes 2km. Because people were tired and wanted to go to the toilet. But after one of us chose to go to the direction we were meant to take, everyone wanted to walk the 5km, because they wanted to fully complete the hike. However because we were short of time we took the quicker path and got to Binga safely. Even though the hike was difficult, we all thought it was a great experience. 

Day 19: 16/6/17

Students’ name: Rachel, Bethany & Emma

Today, is the day that the boys come back from their three-day hike. We are proud to say that the Richter girls came back before both groups of boys and did not get lost. In fact, they might not even return before sunset today. After our dreaded morning run, we had journaling time, followed by breakfast, which was tin spaghetti and baked beans on toast, and cereal. The cooks set off the smoke alarms in the kitchen, like usual.

After our usual morning routine, we completed a grass-ski challenge, where six of our cabin crew were hooked onto two long wooden planks or “skis” and had to race the girls from the other cabin across the oval, before swapping over and turning back. We all had to work together as a team to get across the field, by moving our legs in sync. We, as Richter, smashed the other cabin, Parker – by miles. In fact, we had completed the whole challenge before Parker even got halfway down the field. The instructors then dispersed the cabins into two teams random teams. They then tried to sabotage both teams!!

We followed this up with our programmed activities, which included horse-riding, archery, and an activity from the high ropes course – the lily pads. Some people had already done either horse-riding or archery the day before, so the lily pads were new to all of us. The lily pads consisted of four circular wooden boards suspended in the air about eight metres above the ground, with three long ropes dangling beneath each “lily pad”, and ladders on either end to get up to the platforms. Every person had to collaborate to get people across these lily pads: some people had to hold the ropes so that the lily pads were stable and guide them for the climber/s, there were the belayers, who made sure that the climbers were safe, and of course, the climbers themselves. On a side note, it is currently 4:06pm, and the boys are finally arriving. Why couldn’t they just stay on the hike?  Anyways, the lily pads were fun, but a very scary and challenging activity. But once we had completed it, we felt really, really, good and proud of ourselves. And if it wasn’t for the people holding the lily pads stable, and our trust in the belaying team, none of us could have completed this course.

Overall, today has been a wonderful, eventful and very enjoyable day of fun and exciting activities. With plenty of memories that will last a life time.

Day 18: 15/6/17

Students’ name: Tiarna and Tamsyn

On Monday morning the girls set off on their three day hike. On Monday afternoon the girls arrived at their first camp site which got flooded out from the rain during the night. Some girl’s things including ours got soaked! We continued walking on Tuesday morning to our next destination. We saw an occasional kangaroo on the way which was very exciting. On Wednesday morning we set off very early for our final day of hiking. Within half an hour of walking parker got very lost for 1 ½ hours. We walked up and slid down many hills that were never intended for walking on. Finally we found our way and celebrated because we weren’t lost in the bush anymore. What an experience. We kept walking and at around 5:30pm Parker finally arrived back to Binga with mixed emotions. With Richter coming back at around 2:45pm. We were all very tired and sore, but feeling extremely proud of ourselves for completing the hike! Some parts were fun and enjoyable and others were not, but now that we are back, the once traumatic parts seem hilarious and a lot of fun! We received letters from home on Wednesday night which was exciting and something that we all look forward to!

Today we enjoyed a day back at Binga doing ‘The Giants Ladder’ a high ropes course, which was very challenging but very enjoyable. Some of us did our final horse riding session which was a trail ride which we absolutely loved. The horses are so beautiful! Others did their last archery session which they all enjoyed. Tonight we are looking forward to a quiet night relaxing by the fire.

Lots of love to our families! We can’t wait to see you all on family day!  

Day 18: 15/6/17

Students’ name: Tiarna and Tamsyn

On Monday morning the girls set off on their three day hike. On Monday afternoon the girls arrived at their first camp site which got flooded out from the rain during the night. Some girl’s things including ours got soaked! We continued walking on Tuesday morning to our next destination. We saw an occasional kangaroo on the way which was very exciting. On Wednesday morning we set off very early for our final day of hiking. Within half an hour of walking parker got very lost for 1 ½ hours. We walked up and slid down many hills that were never intended for walking on. Finally we found our way and celebrated because we weren’t lost in the bush anymore. What an experience. We kept walking and at around 5:30pm Parker finally arrived back to Binga with mixed emotions. With Richter coming back at around 2:45pm. We were all very tired and sore, but feeling extremely proud of ourselves for completing the hike! Some parts were fun and enjoyable and others were not, but now that we are back, the once traumatic parts seem hilarious and a lot of fun! We received letters from home on Wednesday night which was exciting and something that we all look forward to!

Today we enjoyed a day back at Binga doing ‘The Giants Ladder’ a high ropes course, which was very challenging but very enjoyable. Some of us did our final horse riding session which was a trail ride which we absolutely loved. The horses are so beautiful! Others did their last archery session which they all enjoyed. Tonight we are looking forward to a quiet night relaxing by the fire.

Lots of love to our families! We can’t wait to see you all on family day!  

Day 17 (14/06/17)

Student names: Maddie and Aubriana

Blog Entry:

We did it! Today marked the last day of the girls’ 3 day hike through the farms and national park surrounding Mt Binga. We were all very relieved when we finally saw the gate to Mt Binga and the rooftops of our cabins and of course, Little John (one of the horses). The hike was definitely challenging both physically and mentally and none of us would be back at Binga without each other’s constant support and friendship. I’m sure it’s right to say that the memories of this hike will stay with us for the rest of our lives. The girls from Richter (the best cabin by far ;) ) finished hand in hand, literally.

We all conquered the same mountains but each and every one of us defeated our own personal mountains and none of us would have been able to do it without the staff, who helped prepare us for and guide us through the typical Australian bush. We made the acquaintance of the owners of the land through which we hiked, Bob and Wayne. Even though we only talked to them for a minute or two, we were very encouraged by their smiles and support.

We’re all safe and sound back at camp with a few aches and pains but happy smiles and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Even though the rain dampened our tents, clothes, shoes, spare clothes and absolutely everything else, we were still motivated to get back to Binga, soggy shoes and all. While we were hiking, we also faced death in the eye, don’t worry parents it was just a few bulls who saw our red clothes. Even though we were absolutely terrified at the possible thought of becoming our dinner’s dinner we are able to laugh about it in the end. Walking in the rain and wind, up and down steep/ rocky mountains and hills, was not easy, but achievable with the surprisingly magical “Aubri Willpower”. We were definitely not looking forward to beginning the hike, but we gradually got accustomed to the experience and we changed our miserable attitudes to a more positive outlook while we were on the steep slope of the highest mountain all of us had climbed.

Day 16: (13/06/17)

Students’ Name: Maverick, Josh and Kosta

Blog Entry:

The past week has been great with doing archery, high ropes which included the Giants Ladder and Lilly pads, horse riding and preparing for our next hike that starts on Wednesday 14th. We are all very excited for the hike. The horse riding was a hit for everyone and we all are happy with our progress with the animals throughout the camp. Today we did our last sessions with the horses, finishing off with a trail ride around Binga. The instructors were very helpful with the horse riding and all the other activities too. This week in Archery we did some longer range shooting as well as played a few games such as battleships, shoot the pig and balloons. We all improved over our sessions and sadly there will be no more of them from now in in the program. The high ropes were quite a challenge for many. The Giants Ladder involved going up in pairs of trios and working together to get to the top. This included knee ups and pulling each other up, using collaboration and challenging ourselves, 2 of the Binga values. We are also getting to know everyone a little better now, allowing us to work more efficiently as a team, either as a cabin or in our activity groups. 

Day 15 (12/06/17)

Student's Name: Ryan, Sean and Tim

When we woke up, fog covered the sky which made it slightly warmer than usual as the fog traps in some heat. We started with a timed run in the morning, followed by half an hour of reflection time. We ate breakfast before starting our activities scheduled for the day. My group started off on the Giants ladder, one of the five the high ropes activities. The girls left for their three day two night hike. We then did horse riding. We had lunch and then we prepared for our hike on Wednesday. Right now, we are doing afternoon jobs. It’s already the start of our third week at Binga and time is going so fast! We miss everyone back home but it’s so fun here that we don’t even want to go back (half-lie). We are all mostly looking forward to the hike and our earned rest on this weekend.

Day 13 (10/06/17)

Students’ Name: Christian

Blog Entry: 

Weekend Life

Early start to the weekend without any running or morning exercise. Yay! We all went into reflection time except for cooks who made bacon and eggs with some cereals. Breakfast went by and we moved into free time as it was a weekend. Throughout Survival, some of the boys went past boundaries set for their cabin and most of the Shultz cabin was to go and wash the ‘used to be white’ cars. It took a while but we managed to get it done, they now look like they are brand new. I played a few games of Continuous Volleyball and some card games. We also played bit of a cricket game with a mini drone flying above us. The day was basically to ourselves besides a few things here and there for us to do. This weekend it’s the boys turn for afternoon jobs since the girls did them last weekend. Hasn’t rained yet but quite a few clouds are gathering, I’m going to guess that it’s going to rain tomorrow. It’s been starting to get a bit chilly, especially on the nights on Survival and the 2 day hike. By cold I mean frost starting to gather on the tents and grass. I played with the two dogs, Zoomer and Bella. They were pretty eager to get the ball while we were playing Continuous Volleyball. There has also been quite a lot of singing of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen lately. Other songs sung quite a lot recently is ‘Riptide’ and ‘Oceans’. 

Day 12 (09/06/17)

Students’ Name: Joseph, Yechan, Tiarna, Elizaveta

Blog Entry:

Today, the boys returned to Binga after our 2-night Survival, while the girls are preparing for their 3 day hike. After unpacking our survival gears, we had our delicious fruits for morning tea. After morning tea, we debriefed about how we went on survival. We talked about our challenges, how to solve problems and what we did well together. Survival was super fun. We learnt many life skills throughout the 2 nights. Elizaveta and Tiarna are our best friends we learnt how to tie ropes, make a shelter, and make interesting objects and yummy food. This survival camp got everyone collaborating together. It was a great experience venturing in the wild. For lunch we had sandwiches as always. It’s starting to get boring eating sandwiches every day but it’s still yum. After lunch we had a big game of Rogaine.  It was an orienteering course around the entire campus. We had to run from check point to check point in order to get points for our cabin. Richter won the competition as two of their three groups placed first and second. The course was challenging and exciting and forced us to work in teams to find our way and succeed.  Our group received 11 points; however, that didn’t win us the game sadly. Despite that we still had a great time and had so much fun playing the game. After Rogaine we had chocolate and Jaffa slice made by Maddi and Georgia. They were so good and delicious that we wanted more. Tonight is going to be cold and we are all hoping for a warm shower. We are also very excited to receive messages/letters from our family and peers as we all miss them very much!  

Girl Blog

Unfortunately, the girls were woken up bright and early by the bell for the morning exercise. Today, we had a relaxing morning filled with yoga. After the change of exercise, we did group catch ups and we played games that were meant to teach us lifelong lessons. It was followed by an enjoyable and challenging afternoon of a big game of rogaine. It was an orienteering course around the entire campus. We had to run from check point to check point in order to get points for our cabin. Richter won the competition as two of their three groups placed first and second. The course was challenging and exciting and forced us to work in teams to find our way and succeed. Parker played the tangled game where they had to navigate their way through the ropes. A lesson was learnt that people are on the same journey whilst going through up’s and down’s. Tonight we are looking forward to a fun night around the campfire singing and receiving letters from home. 

Day 11 (08/06/2017) 

Student’s Name: Evelynne, Nancy and Chelsea

Blog Entry:

Today is the 11th day at Mt Binga. We woke up at 6 as per usual and went for a ‘fun’ morning run. The route we took this morning was an unknown track to us. We each went at a different pace and did our own best, in an attempt to challenge previous times, though it wasn’t timed. It was really cold, and we ran the fastest we could, to get back to our cabins. Soon we came to the end, and got a choice to choose the shortest path, to go back from where we came, or to continue on the unknown path. We all chose the unknown route and had to wait to see where it would take us. Luckily, it turned out as the shorter route and everyone was overjoyed! Today, when we sat down in reflection space, we focused on what we really appreciate and are thankful for (by the way, today was Thankful Thursday). This camp makes us realise how privileged we are and how much we miss home. We were more than happy when we came back for breakfast and our cooks had prepared a delicious warm meal! After our daily morning inspections, we prepared ourselves for a full, jam-packed day of activities.

The activities we had today were archery, horse riding and vertical playpen (high ropes). The horse riding and archery was really fun but the Vertical Playpen was challenging.

The vertical playpen was two logs horizontally, 3 tyres going up on each side, one rope in the middle of the two lines of tyres and a huge net capped by a log. At first it looked very easy but once you start to get on and climb, it was very hard. I (Nancy) took a long time going up it since I was the first one and it was very unsteady. Lots of people thought of giving up but our friends encouraged us to go up to the top. Even though the journey up there was tiring and kind of scary, the view and feeling once you get up to the top was so satisfying. The vertical playpen was my first activity but I was so tired when I came down.  

My (Evelynne) second activity today was Archery. I had done it for the first time yesterday, and enjoyed it thoroughly, aided by the bulls-eyes I had gotten. We all got better as the session progressed and we were pros at archery before too long. After warming up, we played Battleships today in two groups, versing each other. We were all really close and though no one won, we all had fun. It was really fun but exhausting, because the string in the bow offered a lot of resistance. Our arms were sore, and this was especially true because we had vertical playpen next. We heard an inspiring story on not letting ourselves mentally restrain ourselves from reaching our full potential, and we were motivated to do the best that we could.

My (Chelsea) last activity for the day was horse riding. I was super pumped and ready to go. Dan our funny instructor let me ride Chelsea. Team Chelsea! Everyone was content with the horse they got to ride. Some people handled horse riding much better than others to say the least. We started off by walking and controlling our horses around the arena. Being a more confident rider, I enjoyed riding the less experienced horse, so I was unable to do the touch your toes challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed watching new riders lying down on the back of their horses. Everyone tried their best to turn the horses in a 3600 turn. I and a couple of others succeeded but other still tried their best. We all became super attached to our horses and were super enthusiastic about competing against one another. It was tough to say good-bye to our horses for the day but my group could not wait to visit again.

We are about to have showers and enjoy our last night without the boys before a relaxed weekend.

Day 10 (07/06/2017) 

Student’s Name: Georgia

Blog Entry:

Today, the girls returned to Binga after our 2-night Survival, and the boys left for their Survival. We were all very relieved to come back to Binga (especially the toilets, showers and clean clothes) and it’s really starting to feel like home. Survival was very fun, and rather relaxed. We were all really excited yesterday afternoon when we found out we were getting to see Ms Dart and Mr Arnold, as we’d originally believed we would miss their visit. They brought with them mail from our peers at school, and some packages from our families which we’ll receive tonight.

Today, the girls only had 2 rotations of activities, as we had from about 9am to 11:30am to change clothes, have a proper breakfast, unpack, and relax a little. The two activities were archery and the centipede. They split us up into separate activity groups for the first time – rather than just splitting us into the cabin groups (Parker and Richter). My activity group did archery first and the centipede second. In archery, we started with taking two turns each shooting at a target close-range. The target was massive, with a white square around the circle, a black circle, a blue circle, a red circle and then a white circle right in the centre. After that we played a game where we “made a cake” by shooting at the specific colours on the target. For a successful “cake” you had to hit the white square (flour), the yellow circle (eggs) as well as either one or both of the coloured circles (blue and red food dye). If you hit the black circle your cake got burnt, and if you didn’t hit the target at all, there was grass in your cake. It was really fun and we had a turn at playing that individually, and then in small teams. We also played battleship, which was where there was a blank target with 5 small battleships pictures pinned onto it, and the aim was to hit one of the pictures (though Tiarna was the only one who managed to). The centipede was a section of the high ropes course where you had to climb a log that was moving 10m into the air. It was kind of hard, and quite tiring, especially if you went on the one where the handle holds wrapped all the way around, rather than the one where the handle holds went straight up. The last bit of the centipede was fun too, where they belayers lowered you down to the ground and you were just hanging up there in the air for a bit.  It was very safe though, as we were attached to a person belaying us the whole time, as well as a person who was back-up belayer.

Tonight and tomorrow are going to be fun, with just the girls in camp, and we’ll probably have another sing-a-long around the campfire like we did last time the boys were away. We’re all really looking forward to receiving letters and packages from our families as we miss you guys SO MUCH and are really looking forward to seeing you all again.

I love you and miss you Mum, Dad and Will!

Day 9 (06/06/2017)

Students’ Name: Kosta and Maverick

Blog Entry:

We have been participating in several activities such as horse riding, high ropes and archery. This week we did the vertical playpen and the centipede which is a part of the high ropes course. The centipede tested our climbing abilities by climbing up 3 logs with gaps in the middle. This was particularly hard because it was wobbly and unstable. But the vertical playpen tested our climbing abilities even further by climbing vertical up on moving tires, logs, ropes and nets. In horse riding we learnt how to do 180 degree turns, sharp turns and turns around barrels. Maverick and I enjoyed Horse riding the most out of all the activities. In archery, we practiced our shooting form and accuracy by playing a fun game of battleships. We had 5 ships and we scattered them around the shooting board. The smaller ships on took 1 shot and the bigger ships took 3 shots. On Wednesday we are going to embark on our 3 day survival journey. Survival is when you are sent into the bush for 3 days and your cabin has to make shelters to sleep in at night. This will test our creativity to be able to create an effective and strong shelter. So far Binga has been a fun and meaningful experience with challenges such as survival and hiking.

Day 8 (05/06/2017)

Students’ Name: Alex and Ryan

Blog Entry:

Today is the first day of the second week since we came to Mt Binga. Same as always, we woke up at 6:30 and ran for 2k. Then we had cereal for breakfast. The girls left for three days survival activity. After that, boys had been separated into four groups for some rotational activities, which included horse riding, archery and high ropes. Then we had sandwiches for lunch. In addition, Schultz played a game called recreate, which was pretty fun.  At 3 o’clock, boys had cookies for the afternoon tea and then we chose afternoon jobs. All boys all looking forward for the three days survival which is on Wednesday. 

Day 7 (04/06/2017)

Students’ Name: Hannah and Izzy

Blog Entry:

Today was Sunday, so it was a relaxing day. We had free time for the whole day except for survival prep for the girls and afternoon jobs at 3:30. Tomorrow Parker and Richter (the girl’s cabins) leave for Survival which is for two nights in the bush. We learnt how to start a fire with flint and steel, how to tie different knots and build shelters out of sticks, rope and tarp. On Survival we get to learn how to work as a team and we also get time to bond with each other. We can earn points and luxury items through games and creative shelters that we build.

Yesterday, we got our Mt Binga shirts which we were all very excited about. We all have to help with afternoon jobs at 3:30-5 every day. This weekend, the girls are on jobs and next weekend it’s the boys turn. The jobs include farm work (looking after the animals), clean up, dairy (milking the cows, feeding the calves), wood chopping, cooking, baking and oddies (writing the blog and starting the fire for hot showers).

We are all starting to warm up to each other after living with each other for 1 week, and we are now settling into the routine. The hike last week was challenging, but we all pushed through it and now when we look back on it, we all realise how much we enjoyed it and how much it helped us become closer as friends. We are all having lots of fun and are looking forward to family day in a few weeks, where we can share the wonderful stories with our families and friends.

Day 6 (02/06/2017)

Students’ Name: Anastasia and Tiarna

Blog Entry:

Today is the start of our first weekend at Mt Binga! Weekends are pretty relaxed and there are no planned activities with the exception of jobs. Today we woke up at 6:45AM which was a very welcome and much needed sleep in. We went straight into reflection time and then had pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast we cleaned our bunkers and got ready for cabin inspections. We all enjoyed a fun and relaxing day doing whatever we wished after a busy week of hiking and other activities. Some people read books and play card games all day while others chose to be active and play sport games or playing with Zuma the dog. At 3:30 PM we started afternoon jobs and are all looking forward to having spaghetti for dinner and a fun night relaxing with friends around the campfire. 

Day 5 (02/06/17)

Students' Name: Tamsyn, Nancy and Paris

Blog Entry:

Today the girls participated in our first horse riding lessons and our first high ropes activity, sugar glider. The sugar glider consisted of a long rope which connected to a person at one end and eight more people were pulling the person up from the other end. The eight ‘donkeys’ would run hoisting the person at the other end eight meters into the air. We were all sort of nervous at the start but once we got started it was heaps of fun.

It was the girls’ first horse riding lesson and everyone enjoyed it. There are eight horses and they are Jackson, Chelsea, Capri, Sammy, Herbie, Little John, Snip and Sabrina. We got to walk them around the arena and also ride them. All the horses are very different and they all have unique personalities. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

The boys were on the hike today and they got back in the afternoon. The girls got back from their hikes yesterday afternoon. The hike was exhausting but we enjoyed it because it was an amazing life experience. We hiked about 9.5 kilometres the first day then camped overnight before hiking 7.7 kilometres back to camp.

We have a three day survival next week which is causing mixed emotions in our cabin groups. For survival we will have to build our own shelters in the bush and camp out for two nights. We are not allowed to bring any activities such as cards or ukuleles and have to entertain ourselves for two days. The instructors say we will be entertained by each other’s company. We will have to just wait and see how that goes.

Overall we have had an awesome first week.

Day 4 (01/06/2017)

Students’ Name: Chelsea and Abi-Kay

Blog Entry: 

Wednesday morning we were all excited for the first hike, of our time here at Mt Binga. The day before we got our packs, these were very heavy but out spirits were still high. We set off at 9:30am our enthusiasm overshone the dread of the weight of our packs. We set of singing “Your works are wonderful, Let it go and Mt Binga was its’ name O’. I (Chelsea) was in charge of instructions and navigational skills, and others carried compass and food proportions. At this point excitement was still running high except the fact that we were 10 minutes in and already in pain. An hour passed, 3km in we decided to have a morning tea break. This was well needed! At this point we were still adjusting to carrying around backs which felt heavier than us. Thanks to our determination to get to camp we managed to hike 9.5km and still get to camp at 3pm. Thanks to our leader Madi (Bolts) we were set up and prepared for a goodnight sleep (only kidding). Dinner was noodles and sausages. Everyone was enjoying our trips to the bathroom on the Icey grass. We were all in out tent by 8pm but most didn’t sleep at all. The morning was freezing! As Bolts was only there to make sure we were staying on track we had the group decision to leave at 9am. Though this hike was supposedly shorter, it was almost impossible to hike up and down the mountain sides. We did not portion our meat well so lunch consisted of wraps and vegemite’s. After the hardest hike of our life according to our instructions we had arrived to our destination. But when contacting Bolts through the walkie-talkie as she was walking 25 minutes behind us it turned out that we still had more than a kilometre left and we were absolutely exhausted after running the last 100 meters. We were so pumped when we got back and got 15mins of rest time until we had to unpack and get ready for the next day. We were so happy we got out of afternoon jobs and did not have to cook dinner!! We are excited, safe and ready for more adventures!

Day 3 (31/05/2017)

Students’ Name: Sean C, Bhavraj, Daniel T

Blog Entry:

We woke up at 6:15 and it was 7 degrees. We ran a track for 20 minutes some gave up and walked the distance. We came back to eat a piece of bread and cereal. The girls left for a 2 day 1 night hike while the boys stayed at the camp site to prepare for their hike the next day. We went through the general safety concerns and checked all the equipment and food rations. We prepared to cook lunch as a practice for the hike. We made rice and mince and vegetables which took 2 hours to finish. We went back to the cabins for afternoon tea while we prepared to pack for the hike. A fight for food for other cabin’s food was stopped at a truce. Despite stopping, there were consequences. One cabin lost their tomato sauce while the other lost their toaster machine. Now we are doing our afternoon jobs and looking forward to the hike.

Day 2 (30/05/2017)

Students’ Name: Navraj, Alexander H, Harry S, Daniel B

Blog Entry:

Today was our first proper day at Binga. We woke up at 6:15. After meeting as a group we went for the morning run which was about 2km. We then split off and went to our personal reflection areas and started journaling. The bell was rung and we met for breakfast. After breakfast we were told what we were doing for the rest of the day. The boys rotated through 3 different activities; horse riding, archery and sugar glider. We all enjoyed these activities. The girls were briefed about their hike tomorrow and were given the equipment. Next we completed our jobs for the afternoon. They are being completed as we speak. The jobs include Farm work, which is general working with the farm animals. Dairy, which is milking and taking care of the cows, also feeding some animals. Clean-up, which is self-explanatory, and many many more. Showers on the first night were cold, so today we need to make sure that we light a good fire to heat up the water. We are learning many things and most of us are thoroughly enjoying binga.

Elizaveta and Georgia

After a day filled with orientation activities, the girls were lucky to jump straight into the preparation of the two day hike. Whilst the boys had fun riding horses, shooting arrows, flying on the sugar glider, we were shown how to cook and clean whilst knowing how to pack for the campout. After the tasty Mexican meat and rice, without warning, we were told to harness ourselves to a 300m rope that had been tide around a section of trees. We were to find our way through the rope and back to our original tree that we had been allocated. Georgia chose the tree numbered ‘9’ and even though she could see that she was one of the last people completing the course, she believed that she would not reach her staring point and all she wanted to do was to give up. But the others and I chanted her on saying ‘Imagine that this is your route of your life. Do you want to cut it short?’. She responded by finishing the course as fast as she could. We learnt from our dorm leader, ‘Bolts’, that we all have to face up’s and down’s, but we have to realize that we are all in the same journey. I LOVE YOUR MAMA AND PAPA!!!! I LOVE YOU MUM AND DAD!!!!!!!

Day 1 (29/05/2017)

Students’ Name: Rachel C and Emma B

Blog Entry:

Today was rather uneventful. We arrived safely and in good health at Mt Binga. After unloading our “record-breaking amount of bags” from the bus, we were given a short but very informative safety and grounds brief. After that, we found our cabins and put our bags away, and had morning tea. We then followed this with a scavenger hunt in our dorm groups, where we got to know the grounds better, as well as the many animals that live here. The knowledge we learned was put to a test in a game of trivia later in the afternoon after a delicious sausage sizzle lunch prepared for us by Doc, the maintenance guy. Then, we were sent back into our dorms to unpack and settle into our cabins. We then had afternoon tea and organised our afternoon job schedule. We got stuck on oddies –a variety of small activities to keep Mt Binga running- including this: writing the blog. Now we’re just wasting words because we have nothing to say. I wonder what’s for dinner? That’s part of the afternoon jobs too. Who knows, as long as there’s no mashed potato I’m okay…We also had to do the devotion which we decided to do on trusting in God because we are in a new place away from home, challenging and empowering and ourselves. Our cabin is also the best, we made it really like a home and all the leader people were jealous of it. We’re currently watching the people chop firewood, and it is extraordinary how much they have improved in the last hour and a half. They’re almost quite impressive now.