Camp 2 2018

Names Ryan, Braedan


Today we did High ropes, clay making, Initiatives and journal making. The boys got back from solo. In high ropes we did Lily pads which was fun and riverting. We made sculptures out of clay to bring back home in memory of Mt Binga. Most of the boys found solo quite relaxing and enjoyable. It was a time to reflect on our journey through Binga. Today we did not have to do jobs because of our reflection. As it is coming close to the end of our Binga experience it is safe to say we are all ready to see our family again. We have been practising for our chapel service and cabin skit for family day. that’s all from us today catch ya on the flip.  

Names: Emily (Clankles), Sian (Sianinator) and Bella

Date: 27/11/2018

Blog: Today the girls came back from Solo, it was an experience of a lifetime. Some of the girls had a great night sleep while others were being attacked by possums, bandicoots and horse flies, it was pretty scary. Many were nervous about going out there, but many came out saying it was better than they expected. We all had fun telling each other our own stories before heading back to Binga. When we returned we watched the boys leave before starting our activities. We did horse trails, an escape room and built a fence while others planted trees to create an orchard of fruit trees for Binga. On the horse trails we rode around our Survival area and up and down some steep hills, with many of the horses trying to run up the hills. It was great fun for everyone… except maybe the horses. In the escape room we had to try and find a way to unlock a barrel full of toxic waste, going under the building and following a series of clues. All but one group were able to complete it on time, with some using their fingers to unscrew some bolts instead of a wrench and accidentally bumping things out of the hiding places. It was really fun and challenging but everyone enjoyed it. Building the fence and planting trees was probably the most boring activity of the day. We had to move a bunch dirt in a wheel barrow, which is quite hard when one of them had a flat tire, and a few people hit themselves instead of the chisel and the nails. The boys are out on solo and we’re curious to see if they survived and excited to hear their stories.

Cya later xx

Names: Mathew and Ejay

Date: 26/11/2018

Blog: Today the Girls went on solo and we did Horse riding, Escape room and Service learning. In Service learning we continued building a fence that camp 1 started. In the escape room our group did the fastest time through it. We fluked our way through halve of the escape room. Stumbled across a couple of keys on accident. Horse riding was fun Ejay had Capri and Matt had Little John. Jackson the horse would not stop eating on the trail and we had to stop for him every couple of minutes. 

Names: Sophie B (Slops) & Jacob

Date: 25/11/2018        

We didn’t do much today as the weekends are pretty chill. We were able to complete washing our clothes and the girls started getting ready for solo tomorrow. Everyone got given their ration packs which included noodles, snickerdoodles (biscuits) or brownies and fruit as well as breakfast. Some are excited, some are nervous but overall I think that it will be a good experience. We have community dinner tonight and have church after that, so tonight will be a good night. Tomorrow the boys have horse trails and service learning. For lunch, we made our own tortilla pizzas and they were delicious.

Bye xo

Day 20


Names: Sarah W (Lil Swigs)

Today, was the first day of our last weekend at Mt Binga. We started the day off by having bake beans and spaghetti on toast, it was so good! This morning we all just chilled out and had free time. We did our washing and some kids baked yummy goods. We had a sausage sizzle for lunch and was delish. We  started preparing family day activities, parkers is great although our kitchen still smells were still trying to work out what the smell is. We had a delicious banana cake that Ryan and Alisha made for afternoon tea, there legends! We then had afternoon jobs, we were on oddies and had to start the fire, which was a struggle cause it was so windy but we got there in the end and its looking good! #WARMSHOWERSTONIGHT  #HOMEINAWEEK  

Day 19

Date: 23/11/2018

Names: Kate + Isabel

Today we got back from our 4-day hike!! The first day of hike was fun but challenging. We walked up some high hills, but got to stop and watch some cows for a while. (They are so cute!) We also had to walk through a lot of fences as well as dodging a swarm of wasps. Day two, was the longest day of hike doing about 15km! We had to hike up and down a lot of hills, but especially the one big hill at the end. It was massive and everyone stopped a couple of times but everyone made it up! Once we got up we started setting our hoochie’s up as it supposed to rain, which it did. Some people hadn’t finished setting up and got wet, while others were cooking dinner as well as some playing games. Most of the hoochie’s got set up well and only got a little wet, while some got drenched. We all had fun though, the rain was really refreshing as we hadn’t had a shower for 2 days and it was stinking hot. The third day was great because we found out that we didn’t have to hike as far! As soon as our group stopped to eat lunch, it started raining, which was really funny! However, because of the rain we had to walk through mud, which stuck to our feet, and felt like we had extra kilos to carry. We also had some people in our group run up and down the hills without falling with is impressive and funny. As soon as everyone was at the camp site we started to set up, then prepared dinner which was spaghetti bolognaise, then ate marshmallows and drank milo for dessert while Dan told a scary story. But it was a really funny story! Today was the last day, it was the shortest day but it was challenging because everyone was a little tired and worn out. However, everyone had a little extra motivation of getting back to a shower and bed. We got back to Binga and were excited to put our feet up, sit down and get changed into clean clothes. Altogether the hike was amazing! We got to challenge ourselves in ways we haven’t normally. As well as experience really cool views especially on top of the big hill. As it was Bradean’s birthday on Wednesday and Cleo’s birthday today so we get 2 cakes tonight which we are all excited for. We are also really excited for double mail tonight as we missed out on Wednesday as well as a Binga talent show!!

Everyone is doing great and is really excited to see their families on Family Day!  

Day 15

Date 19/11/18

Names: Jeremy, Nathan, Kate and Olivia

Today we woke up at 6:15am to get ready for our 3rd morning run. After we had three activities; initiative, archery and high ropes (Giant’s ladder). Initiative consisted of two challenges called the ‘human spirit level’ and ‘without a bridge’ challenge. Without a bridge was challenging as we had to get one person across a fake river, using three pieces of timber and a few ropes. Archery was cool! We got to play a game that was pretending to bake a cake with the colours of the target. The white area was flour, yellow was eggs, blue was water, red was icing and black meant you brunt the cake.  High ropes was also challenging. The challenge was to have three people get up a ladder which wasn’t very stable and try to reach the top. However each gap between the wood steps got bigger and bigger, which made those three people work together to get to the top. Tomorrow we leave on our 4-day hike! 

Day 14

Date 18/11/18

Names: Sian, Stephanie & Emily

We started off the day with some delicious pancakes for breakfast. We then had a full day of relaxation and hike prep. Sam Q had trouble washing his clothes and got a little bit of help from the girls. Oliver had a great birthday and Fern and Thor (Two of the horses) got new name tags to go in the tack shed. For lunch we had a sausage sizzle, which turned out great thanks to some young cooks! In the afternoon a few of the girls and a lot of the boys had a pretty intense water fight, which ended in a lot of people having wet shoes (including Jacob, who got drenched!). Braeden, Reece and Nate were able to get Maddie too by hiding on a roof and tipping a bucket of water on her! Tonight we are having homemade pizzas for dinner. Yummy! We hope the people in charge of dinner don’t burn them.

Cya Later!

Day 13

Date 17/11/2018

Names: Cleo (Patty), Alisha and Sophie (Slops)

Today was a pretty chill day, we were given our Binga Shirts. We were able to do washing which was good but then it rained so we had to rush and get the clothes off the line. It’s Ryan’s Birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There were a few weekend jobs that we had to complete including mowing the lawn and picking potatoes. For lunch we had a ceaser salad wrap which was really delicious. Tomorrow we are doing hike prep which no one is excited for but I am sure that it will be a good time. There wasn’t much to do around here so people went onto the paddock to play league. Others went to the Rec room to play ping pong and pool. For afternoon tea we had brownies which were good. That’s all for now.

Bye xo

Day 12

Date 16/11/2018

Names: Amy, Emily, Renae, Ryan, Jacob

Today of the boys had their last day on survival which was exciting but also bad at the same time because they wouldn’t have the freedom back at the Binga Campus as they did on Survival. They also did Survival challenges which were very difficult and the boys got very muddy. The girls got to do Archery and High ropes, it was challenging for some but for others it was a piece of cake. We did two different high rope courses including the centipede and the vertical playpen. Most of us are feeling pretty good about the Binga experience so far and there are still many more adventures to come.

Day 11

Date: 15th of November

Names: Olivia, Maddie and Sarah.

This morning’s exercise was a circuit. We did boxing, planks, push ups and side steps. As it was a horse riding day the dairy people had to prepare the horses and feed them along with feeding Nala, the baby cow. It was very adorable, unlike the plovers who tried to attack us. As the boys are on survival, the girls are the only ones at the camp. The girls were split into two groups for today’s activities. Along with horse riding, we also did baking for a picnic we had for afternoon tea. We baked yoyo biscuits, donuts and made milkshakes/smoothies. In horse riding we learnt how to turn around barrels, do 360 sharp turns, a key hole turning competition and an obstacle course. We got to leap over logs and learnt how to saddle the horses. We then had afternoon tea where us girls and leaders sat under the trees and ate our delicious baked goods. Then came afternoon jobs where we split into different groups to help clean up around the camp. In our job, oddies, we start the fire, write the blog and check the water tank levels. Sarah also decided to make a song. Please enjoy.


Oddies oh oddies

We’re writing the bloggie

Lighting the fire

And checking the water




  • -Swig tunes, Binga 2018 

Day 10: 14/11/18

Names: Sophie B (Slops), Alyssa (Big Al), Bella (Smelly Belly)


For the last two days the girls were on Survival and it was a great experience. We enjoyed the time bonding and creating new friendships. We had a few disagreements but by the end of it we all had heaps of fun. The second day, we did a group challenge to receive our own luxury items. This was an activity where we had to get everybody over a high rope without touching the rope. This morning we had two Survival challenges to complete, one was we had to get over a tub of mud with only sticks and rope that we had to use to build a bridge. The second challenge was that we had to carry a person down a steep hill while they were in a stretcher – we got super muddy. Tomorrow we get to do horse riding and have a picnic where we make smoothies and doughnuts. But right now we are just living it up, hanging out with the best instructor EVER.

Love ya, Cya xo

13 Nov 2018 Day 9

Students: Mathew and Oliver

Last night the Schultz hot water pipe broke and Jackson toke a photo of everyone next to it while it was spitting out water.

Today we did horse riding and survival prep. In horse riding we learnt balance by trying to touch our toes whilst we were riding the horses. Other activities that we did were keyhole race with fully hectic turns. The last part of our horse riding session was an obstacle course. That consisted of weaving, jumping, ducking and parking.

In survival prep we baked goods for survival tomorrow and we learnt how to use flint and steel, how to tie a knot. And we kind of feel prepared for survival now. 

Day 8: 12/11/18

Students: Josh and Sam S

Today we did the Monday morning run High Ropes and Archery. The Monday Morning run was very chill because we ran very early in the morning, many people beat their personal best time and others where just a bit slower, but everyone enjoyed it. After that all the girls set off to survival for 3 days. The boys did High Ropes, which was extreme because we had to belay people. The belayer is the person who is at the bottom of the course holding tight on the rope to make the climber safe. Popey (one of the staff) set a challenge to who every can climb up the hardest obstacle will get an ice cream for free. Only 3 boys completed the task (Josh H, Ryan W and Recce S.) Everyone said Archery was very good and everyone enjoyed it. Many people started off by missing the target, but at the end everyone could hit the target every time. All the boys are very keen for horse riding because not everyone gets a chance to ride horses normally, so it’s a fun and exciting experience for everyone. It’s been 8 days of Binga, 20 to go people are very excited to see what will come next. 

Day 7: 11/11/18

Names: Jeremy, Isabel and Braedan

We had pancakes for breakfast which were pretty nice. Girls did survival prep which included learning how to tie knots, how to start a fire and how to build a teepee. For lunch some had toasty’s and some had salad. Some people did baking which included brownies, ANZAC biscuits, and milo cupcakes. Today half us were playing card games such as mafia, uno, go fish and wolf and the other half were playing ping pong, throwing the footy, climbing trees, weeding, doing football and playing tackle. Everyone is having fun and enjoying there time at Binga. Tomorrow the girls head of to do survival for 3 days, the boys will leave Wednesday and return Friday. Over all its been a pretty chill weekend, people are looking forward to receiving letters tomorrow. Hope you are having a good week.

Day 6: 10/11/2018

Names: Reece & Jacob

Today we had a sleep-in which lasted till 6:45 which was really needed since we have been waking up at 6:15. We then had reflection time on what has challenged us so far. Then we proceeded to have a talk about Jobs; Washing our clothes and breakfast. We played board games, read and some people slept. At 1 o'clock we had Caesar salad and then once again relaxed till 4 o’clock and finally we did Jobs. So far weekends at Binga are quite relaxing and calm. Can’t wait till we get home so we can do this all day.

Day 5: 9/11/18

Britany, Sian

Yesterday morning we headed off to a local farmers property to camp the night, we set off on a 7.8km hike at 9:00am. We arrived on site at lunch time, had a break while consuming salami and cheese wraps. When waiting, a few groups went off and built their hoochie while others played games. For dinner we had sausages in spaghetti which was prepared on a camping fire in big pots, after dinner some people gathered around the camp fire while others helped clean up the cooking utensils, getting into bed was a relief, but the night was very cold. The next morning we were able to sleep in till 8:00am, but some people woke up early still at 5.30am!! When everyone was awake we were able to have breakfast, after breakfast we all packed up our hoochies and waited to set off back to MT Binga. The hike was a 5.6km walk back and we used a map for navigation, also we had track notes, walkie-talkies and a compass. There was 3 hiking groups and 2 of the 3 got lost and had to turn back, but luckily got back on track. We arrived back at Binga and unpacked before having ham and cheese toasties for lunch, after lunch we were able to chill out for a little bit, then we got into 2 teams and played crocodile crocodile and the tarp challenge, then having afternoon tea then 3:30pm jobs. 

Day 3: 7/11/18

Samuel Q, Sophie P, Reece, Amy, Isabel

This morning we woke up at 6:15 to the sound of the horrid bell. Some people went to dairy and others played a communal game. At 7:00 we had time to reflect on the culture of Binga. We then had cabin inspections and most people scored in the 22/25 (which is really good). Later we began preparation for the two day hike which we leave for tomorrow. The activities that groups did included: Learning how to use a compass, map, packing hiking bags, setting up structures and using portable cooking devices to cook our food. In the afternoon we did team based activities which included working as a team whilst in teams to work together to get around a marker. We also did an activity called secret passage which involved trial and error to get the team through a maze. Late in the day everyone went to jobs. Mail has been sent and received today by Binga staff, we are all excited.

Day 2: 6/11/18

Names: Cleo, Oliver, Kate, Nate + Gina

Blog: We all woke up earlier than the bell, and then went on our first morning run. After breakfast we did some activities; horse riding and high ropes. Horse riding was fun as we learnt new things like saddling a horse. Then we got the chance to ride the horses, which was exciting and a bit nerve-racking. The funniest part was when Cleo’s horse Sammy, walked while she was on the horse for the first time. In the high ropes, we did the sugar glider doing three different challenges. The first challenge was running around in a circle, while being lifted off the ground. Then the second challenge was running and trying to high-five the leader while being pulled up by the donkey team. The final challenge on the high ropes was being “punched or kicked” by a friend. It was really getting a friend to fake punch you (without hitting you) while you were being pulled off the ground. Then we had another challenge which was called the ‘ring finger’ which was to get a tyre from the ground to the top of the pole without touching it (3.5 metres). The tyres were different sizes which meant the larger tyres were harder to move. After all the activities, we got our second round of afternoon jobs, ours being oddies. Which is just doing random things around the camp like writing the blog and starting the fire for our showers. Some people are a little homesick still but everyone is settling in well! 

Day 1: 5/11/18

Names: Emily, Jackson

Entry: Today we arrived at Binga, around 12pm. It took us roughly three hours, and by the time we got off the bus, it was 36oC and we had to move all the luggage into the cabins. Once we found out what cabin we were in, we had a sausage sizzle lunch – which everyone was super keen for. Then we were split into our groups and started learning about the campus, animals and the rules of Binga. We then had a Binga quiz and Richter cabin won because we are AWESOME. We have also been decorating our rooms with pictures and lights. We are doing well and are starting to get used to the Binga experience. Now we are doing jobs – everyone has split into different jobs around Binga.

Peace out. XOXO