Camp 1 2018


Day 25

Students: Jaimie, Niah, Erin, Henry, Maddy, Jason and Kelsey 

Blog: Hey ya’ll, today was our full last day of Binga L. We all cleaned everything in the morning and packed all our bags. There was a lot to clean but we all cleaned really fast. After we cleaned we all had lunch which was salad wraps. After that we had a big slip’n’slide which was so much fun. Everyone got involved and had fun together. Today was very bitter sweet as we are sad to leave but very excited to see our families and for family day.

See ya tomorrow xoxo


Day 24

Maddy and Erin

Hi y’all, Today was one of the best days of our Binga experience. Today was challenge day, each cabin group went head to head against each other in a range of games and events. This morning, all groups (but especially the girls) dressed up in our cabin colour. The girls got extremely into it and then the boys a little less. The activities today included rob the nest, a rope untying/puzzle event, a water activity and more. We also had to create a war cry for our teams, which was very entertaining to watch and be a part of. Everyone got extremely involved and we all had so much fun and enjoyed being together as we know our Binga experience is sadly almost over. 


Day 23

Students: Niah and Jaimie

Blog: This morning the girls came back from solo. We all enjoyed solo and everyone took it as a time to reflect on their experiences at Binga. Today we did horse trails and service learning. For service learning, we built a new fence that will hold an orchard. We painted the fence and made concrete. Horse trails were fun and it was a new experience for everyone. There are four whole days left here at Binga, and everyone is starting to feel sad about leaving. The boys are currently at solo and will be back tomorrow morning. We are doing high ropes tomorrow which should be fun and a good challenge. This month has gone by really quick and we are all going to miss it.

Bye ya’ll xoxo


Day 22

Students: Will B, Nick J

Today was an interesting day with a morning run which had someone finish in 7 minutes flat!

We also did service learning which involved building a fence to fence off the new orchard, we faced many challenges during the service learning such as making cuts on the wrong side of a rail and pulling out some fence posts, we also did a trail ride on the horses today which was fun even though the weather was not the best and the horses were rather uncooperative, overall today was hard work but still relaxing, we are having a wonderful time at Binga and we are excited for solo which the girls left for today, and soon after that family day.


Day 21

Students: Luke & Stuart

Today was a pretty relaxed day. We started the day off with some pancakes this morning. Then there were a few jobs that had to be done like cleaning the cars and cooking lunch which was make your own pizzas. The girls did the afternoon jobs yesterday and boys had them today. We are lighting a fire in oddies for our showers to be warm tonight. We are looking forward to solo this week, the girls go on Monday and the boys go on the Tuesday. While the girls are on solo the boys will be doing horse trail riding and service learning. We are really looking forward to horse trail riding tomorrow as well as service learning. Everyone is really looking forward to family day and preparing for family day on Saturday.  

Day 20


Names: Emily, Kelsey


This morning as soon as the bell rang we burst into Stuart’s room to sing him Happy Birthday. Kelsey baked Stuart’s cheesecake first thing in the morning, so it had time to set. All the cabins went to their bunkers to prepare presentations for Family Day. After that we had lunch which was snags in bread with onions and cheese. When lunch was over we all went to kick the footy out on the oval. Then we had a water fight while washing the troopies and everyone got soaked. All the girls went and tanned with Grace’s coconut oil (don't worry - we also has sunscreen on!) on the grass to dry off while playing what are the odds with some of the boys as well and then it was the girls turn to do afternoon jobs. Overall was a really good and laid-back day.


'Day 19


Names: Grace, Abigail


For the last four days, we have been hiking. For some of the time, there were smiles and for some of the time there were tears. We left early Tuesday morning in our three hike groups, unaware of the struggles to come. When we woke up on Wednesday morning, we immediately started to pack up our things for an even longer day of hiking. After we persevered up the final hill, we were rewarded with breathtaking views from our campsite. After a long day, everyone was exhausted and ready to go to bed and then the rain started to fall. After a quick rearranging of the shelters, everyone managed to stay mostly dry. Then the third day came, this was by far the most difficult, not because of the distance, but because of the terrain. As we all settled in to the campsite and cooked dinner, we noticed the storm clouds starting to roll in. As the night progressed and the storm worsened, the decision was made that we would come back to Mt Binga and stay the night. As we woke up this morning, we all felt a new sense of motivation, as it was the last day and the hike was almost over. The hike was over before we knew it and we were back at camp, reflecting on the last few days and our experiences. We all felt a sense of accomplishment that we completed the hike and have new views on the way we live.

Day 15


Students: Kyla, Maddy, Josh and Jason

So, today we did archery and high ropes. In archery, we played games that required skill which only a few had. In high ropes, we did the Giant’s Ladder which was very challenging when you were on it but very funny to watch from the bottom at people trying to get up. In high ropes we had to use perseverance and strength to be able to get to the top. We went up in pairs or groups of three and it was important to make sure we supported each other so we could do it as a group. Today we also did the usual jobs :/    However, Maddy and Kyla were rigs when packing up the high ropes for their job in the afternoon. It took them half an hour to pack up the ropes.

Tonight, we are preparing to embark on our 4-Day Hike, which we leave on tomorrow. Some people are not keen, but, we all know we can do it! Nathan and Marcus said its actually the best part of camp and where all the best stories come from – we will have to wait and see!


Day 14



Written by Zaiden and Kaden.

The day is Sunday of the second week. Today we were fortunate enough to be able to sleep in for a little while longer, that is short and sweet. The morning routine was standard as we got up, reflections, ate breakfast, cleaned up and cabin inspections. After the morning was over the group split into divisions and completed necessary tasks to help out around Binga. Some did lawn mowing, gardening, cooking and hike preparation (ration packs for Tuesday). From there as per normal on the weekend we all enjoyed some well earnt personal time and got a surprise visit from Mr. Clarke. We ate sausages on bread for lunch and then it started to rain. Before we knew it was 3:00pm and the boys were sent off to do the weekend jobs. From here we will be enjoying a variety of pizzas for dinner then we will all gather for a communal service until 8:30pm, then to bed resting ready for the week ahead. We are all mentally preparing ourselves for the four day hike and the week ahead.

Day 13


Peter, Isaac and Henry

Today was the 13th day of our Mt Binga camp. Considering it is Saturday it is essentially a day free from activities so it was kind of quiet. Today we started on this week’s laundry and most people got all of their laundry washed and dried ready for our 4 day hike coming up this Tuesday. Throughout the day, we also played a great game of touch footy and cricket. Today we also introduced the jobs signup for this weekend. These jobs consisted of washing the troopies, weeding the veggie garden, mowing the lawn, baking deserts and washing the tarps used on Survival earlier this week. Other than these sports and jobs, today was pretty quiet and chilled out which gave us time to reflect, read and prepare for our hike.   

Day 12


Stuart and Abbi

Today, the boys just arrived back from survival. Survival was an interesting experience. The boys named the Goanna we just found Gecko. On the way back from survival, we had to do two challenges. One of the challenges consisted of carrying someone on a stretcher down a gully with 7 metre tall muddy cliff on an almost completely vertical angle. On the way back we were challenged with walking the distance. That was a challenge not for me but for others.

The girls had archery and high ropes today. For many of us the experience was something different and it was discovered that some people had a hidden talent in archery. As for the high ropes it was a challenge for everyone but every girl gave it a try and did their best.

P.S. Kelsey is alive and well.

Day 11


Students: Kelsey and Tegan

This morning instead of morning fitness the both of us headed down to the dairy to help milk and feed the cows. We tried to feed the baby calf ‘Nala’ although she didn’t actually want any of the milk we attempted to give to her. After we helped feed the cows we had to clean all of the troughs and hose out the milking area. Once we finished with dairy we had a challenge with the rest of the girls. We had to get everyone over a piece of rope about 1 meter off the ground without touching it. We had to be holding some sort of contact with another person if we wanted to get over. We all eventually made it over and finished the challenge. After this we spilt into groups and one group did horse riding whilst the other group baked. We made donuts, smoothies, pizza rolls and iced tea. At horse riding we learnt basic skills and had our first challenge/race which was fun. The boys are currently on their second day of survival, and will be returning tomorrow. Looking forward to fried rice for dinner tonight and a good night sleep.


Day 10


Names: Jaimie, Grace, Abbi and Niah

Today we got back from our two night survival camp out. We set out on Monday morning and arrived at our survival site. To begin we built our shelter which was challenging as we needed to make sure it was waterproof. It took us a long time to create a fire that night as all the wood was wet and damp from the rain. We had to cook our dinner, which was spaghetti and mince, on the fire as there was not enough dry wood to heat the stoves. By the time dinner was ready it was pretty dark but still yum! We all had a pretty bad sleep and some people got wet. The next day we did challenges to receive our ‘luxury box’. The luxury box had items such as books and games. We also built structures out of sticks and ropes. We built a giant swing, mailbox, wash station, shoe rack, chair and a fence. These gave us ‘Binga bucks’ so that we could buy more food. That night cooking was easier but everything was still pretty wet. This morning we woke up and packed up to be ready to leave. We then had to complete some survival challenges. They were pretty hard and challenged us all as a group. We completed the challenges and looked back on them laughing. We then got back to Binga and did orienteering. The boys are now on their survival. Bye yall xoxo

Day 9

Date 16/10/18

Emerson, Kaden, Peter:

-Today was a good day, we did survival prep for our 2 night survival camp, we got to know how to make Tepees and tie lashings to join sticks together and learn how to make a shelter for rain proof living and start a fire using Flint and Steel, Wool with Vaseline to make the fire last a while why we get sticks to get the fire to self-sustain its self, we did some baking as well we backed brownies and ANZAC Biscuit’s and fried donuts. We also did 2 high rope courses and how to belay. We are now packing our survival packs for tomorrow when we leave in the morning and now we are getting long needed rest for tomorrow and the next couple of days.

Day 8

Date: 15/10/18

-Luke – Today we did archery which was cool because it was outdoor and we could adjust the length of our shooting range. We shot 6 arrows at a time towards a target we also had the opportunity to shot a rubber bird. We are now currently lighting a fire for our hot water.

-Will B – Today we did horse riding it was awesome I had Little Johnny we rode around in the arena practicing balancing on the horses, making the horses doing a 360, stopping and starting. At the end of the session we did a horse race Herbie won! Today the weather today wasn’t too bad it was sort of on and off raining.

Day 7

Date: 14/10/18

Names: Niah & Claudia

Today was a laid back Sunday here at Binga. Everyone was either playing games, baking or just chilling in their rooms.  Tomorrow the girls head off to survival for two nights, so we have packed the trailer and learnt some survival skills and techniques. The weather is still pretty cloudy and rainy, its very cold. Today we hit a minimum of 12oC so everyone is wrapped up in their winter clothes trying to stay warm and comfy. Tonight we have church and a community dinner with all of the Binga residence and staff. We are all trying to stay positive and keep a clear mind for the four-day hike in the upcoming week.

Bye ya’ll xoxo

Day 6

Date: 13/10/18

Names: Tégan and Maddy

So, today is Saturday and it was a pretty relaxing day. We got a rad 30 minute extra sleep-in and we got our Binga shirts too. We baked and ate a lot of sweet foods which was a new experience for most of us here. Some slept, some baked, most froze. In an interesting turn of events, the boys won the battle of the better muffin #controversial.  Who let the dogs out...Adrian did!! – it was super fun and we played with them.

Dinner is loaded potatoes which will be delicious…but Jaimie and Niah are cooking so we are a bit scared of what’s going to come out of the kitchen!

The girls finally had enough bread for enough toasties at lunch which believe me, was very exciting. It’s still raining, the girls go on Survival on Monday so it better ease up or that won’t be a good time.  We miss everyone back home, bye yall xoxo 

Day 5

Date: 12/10/2018

Names: Jaimie, Erin and Stuart

This morning we had a big sleep in till about 7:30.  We had to come back to Binga late afternoon yesterday as it was storming and we were not able to camp the night out. Yesterday’s hike was 8km and was pretty easy apart from the rain. Today we were dropped back at the camp spot to finish our hike back to Binga. Today’s hike was only 5.6km and was quite easy as well. It is currently rainy and windy but everyone is doing ok. We spent the afternoon after our hike doing initiative challenges that were really great.  Binga is different to what we thought but we are getting used to it. We are all very excited for the weekend as we can all chill out and wash our clothes. We are all bonding well and helping each other get through the tough times. We are all doing our jobs well and really experiencing the Binga lifestyle. We are getting our Binga shirts tomorrow which we are keen for an also prepping for girls’ survival on Monday. Bye yall xoxo

Day 3

Date: 10/10/2018

Names: Grace, Kaden, Zaiden

Blog: The morning was the usual wake up at 6:15 am and the preparations for the day ahead. We made our breakfast and spent the day preparing for the two day introduction hike that we start tomorrow. We started by dividing the camp into the three hike groups and from there we split up and learnt how to navigate a map using a compass. This was a new concept to many of us and for others it was a refresher and the skill levels varied. After this, we all gathered into one group and learnt how to cook over a fire using a rocker stove which is an K shaped wood stove which used a mixture of twigs, oxygen and paper to cook our rice and mince. We then learnt how to set up our hutchies to sleep and build a shelter. For some of the campers this was a ritual and was easy and for others this was completely new and all gave extremely good structures. After this we collected our hiking packs and began to pack all of the belongings needed for the trip. For some packing was to be light and efficient and others packed much and heavy. Once this was finished, we all allocated our afternoon work and these different parties were split up to complete jobs ‘till 17:00 and then dinner and the campers settle in to rest before the hike tomorrow.

Day 2 - 09/10/18

Written by, Nick Jolly, Peter Rose, Kelsey Tregear

Today I woke up early at 6:15 AM and went for a 2k run, it was challenging and exhausting I am happy with my time on the run, then I did high ropes, it was exhilarating and I was happy to do high ropes, then I did horse riding, it was fun I had Jackson, the biggest horse It was fun. –Nick

Today I woke up after a brilliant sleep at ~6:11am. We then went on a run which I did alright in and was in around the middle group of people. After this we has some breakfast, did out cabin inspections and then went off to do out first activities. The first activity I did was the horse riding. It was pretty cool and I rode Jackson which is the youngest horse they have at Binga. This was pretty cool however he got a bit spooked halfway though and dipped to the side because someone span a washing line. We then went and had leftover dinner for lunch and went on to do high ropes. It was pretty good but because of the rain we weren’t able to do everything we had scheduled so we just came back instead. Later tonight we have teriyaki chicken for dinner which will be awesome. –Pete

This morning I woke up to the super loud bell outside our cabin’s door and went on the morning run. I ran for the first part then I got lazy so I walked with Stuart. When we came back from the run we had half an hour to ourselves which was great because having alone time is valuable when you are surrounded by people 24/7. After reflections we had our first cabin inspections, the girls did well earning 21/25 points (we left crumbs on the table). We went horse riding with the first group and I was able to ride Fern. She was a gentle horse and was easy to ride. After we did horse riding we had left overs and toasties for lunch. High ropes was the following activity and I was so scared to go on because I am terrified of heights. I managed to get half way before freaking out but I’m still happy because I actually went on them for the first time ever. After this the weather went insane there was a lot of rain and hail and we had to attempt to light the fire to get hot water – it worked eventually. We have honey chicken for dinner which I will definitely be looking forward to. – Kelsey

Day 1: 8/10/2018

Names: Kyla, Emerson and Josh

We arrived at Binga at about 11:30. Once we got all the bags unloaded from the bus, we met the Binga leaders and they talked us through some general information about the camp. We then went on a scavenger hunt to help us know where the boundaries and activity areas were. We enjoyed spending time with the leaders of our cabins and participating in a trivia quiz about the camp (the girls won, obviously). After that we had some afternoon tea and sorted out jobs. We then had some time to unpack our bags and make our beds. We have now headed off to do our daily jobs, which involves farming, cooking, cleaning, dairy, etc. And that was our day.