Camp 1 2017

Day 25: Tuesday 26th October

Students: Hannah, Jenny

Today all the cabins Parker, Richter, Schultz, and Greasley versed each other in challenge day. We did multiple different challenges with Greasley winning. Binga is coming to an end and everyone is really excited to come home, but is going to miss living here together. We have had such an amazing time here this month, we have grown as a whole and individually. We have matured, become more responsible and have pushed ourselves in ways we never thought we would. Binga has been life changing.

Day 24: Wednesday 25th October

Students: Ariana Sherwood

Today is the 25th of October we had reflection day today it was just in our cabin groups reflecting on what we have been doing for the last 3 weeks at Binga and getting to know each other but also thinking about how much we have achieved here, like I didn’t think I could do the 3 day hike but I did it and I’m still in one piece. We talked about how supportive our hike group was as everyone worked together to get back to camp we also talked about what we appreciate about each other to show that we understand what we do for each other. Today was also the day that the boys got back from their Solo camp. At the end of the day we had a slip and slide, everyone had a great time on it as it has been a hot day today and just need to cool off a little. 

Day 23: Tuesday 24th October

Students: Jess

Today was an eventful day. The girls got back from Solo, a 24-hour camp all by yourself and the boys left for their Solo camp. When the girls had come back, they all split up to do different activities. These activities included high ropes and projects.

In high ropes the girls did the activity called ‘Lily Pads’ which is a high ropes course that requires everyone in the group to participate. There are four round, circular platforms that are held up by wire. The bottom of the platforms have three ropes, in which the people on the ground have to manoeuvre it so that it is flat and able to climb across. So that was a challenge for most of the girls.

Projects involved re-laying the bricks on the path, making sure that it is even and flat as there was a dip in the path. The girls had to take the bricks out, fill and flatten the ground and lay them on the flat and even ground. The other activity in projects was fixing the fence. The girls had to take the fence out of the compost area and place a stump into the ground.

Ending today the girls completed the jobs and went to bed, excited to come home in a few days but also sad as they are going to miss Binga and the leaders. 

Day 22: Monday 23rd October

Students: Kobe

Today the girls set off for solo while we enjoy a nice breakfast and then we went and did the high ropes course activity called the lily pads. The lily pads challenged us today especially for two people who were very afraid of heights and they conquered there fears today.  Well done guys. Today we helped to build the bunk beds for the new cabins being built here at Binga we also helped by bringing the mattresses into the rooms. Now as I sign off for today we are starting to get ready for solo. Hi I’m Kobe, stay classy Faith Lutheran College Redlands.   

Day 21Sunday 22nd October

Students: Ashlee and Emily

This morning we had a lovely hot breakfast of bacon and eggs and got to enjoy not going for a morning run and getting a bit of a sleep in. Yesterday we did morning jobs, so we had a break this morning and enjoyed a few morning naps on the verandah. The weather today is has been fine and sunny which is great because our washing can now dry. Today there has been a game of soccer on the oval and some Uno and other card games in the quad.

Tomorrow, all us girls are leaving for solo, where we get dropped out and have to stay out there for 24 hours by ourselves - there are a few mixed emotions. There will be leaders out there with us but a lot of the girls are worried about sleeping out there for the night and setting up a tent by themselves. We have been well prepared though, with the 2 and 3 day hikes helping us practise setting up tents and Survival as good preparation for being out in the bush, so we are sure we will all be fine. 

Day 20: Saturday 21st October

Students: Maddie Y and Jenna

Today started with a breakfast of pancakes then straight into weekend reflections. Because of the rainy weather, today was a chilled day with the majority of camp playing ping pong, foosball and cards. Today for lunch, we decided to make pizzas which was a fun change to our usual lunches. The rest of the day consisted of doing washing, jobs and playing various games. 

Day 19: Friday 20th October

Students: Jack

Woke up feeling great after yesterday’s hiking. This morning we were hanging up tents, it sounded very simple. After the tents were hung up the group became intrigued by an old plastic water tank that was sitting on it's side not being used. It was caved in on the top. We asked if we could go inside and see if we could fix the dint in the front. There was a lot of screaming with 5 girls inside a rocking water tank with a very large spider. After morning tea we had high ropes, the giants ladder was on the agenda today, while very difficult alone, it was easier with our two friends helping us up to the next step. The other hiking group came in around 3:30 today. They returned tired but feeling really proud of their achievements. Tonight is a lazy one around the camp and burgers for dinner. We are all looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The time has flown by and we will miss Binga. We are focused on making the most out of every opportunity we have left here.

Faith Blog Day 18

Thursday 19th October

Students: Jenna and Kate

On Wednesday morning we returned to our hike after being brought back to Binga because of all the rain. We started off day 2, hiking from the campsite we were picked up from, making our way to the final campsite for the night. Although it rained on and off throughout the day, the hike was one of the easiest we had done. We arrived at the final campsite which was by far the best campsite we have camped at, with heaps of energy and hardly wet. The night consisted of various games around the fire with marshmallow toasting and hot Milos.

Today, group one did their last day of the three day hike. We hiked 15.5 kilometres through the bush, over mountains and creeks. We started off our day with the hardest part of the hike being a steep hilly range. Due to the amount of rain we’ve had over the past few days our hiking track was very wet and slippery. Even after a few falls we all supported each other and made the experience one to remember. We all got back to Binga with big smiles and relieved to finally sit down.

We are all enjoying the Binga experience but excited to see our families in just over a weeks’ time. 

Faith Blog Day 16

Tuesday 17th October

Students: Isobel, Connor and Taneisha

The past few days have been very wet and cold, keeping us from doing our planned activities. Today the first hike group returned from the three day hike due to heavy rainfall, but after spending tonight at camp both groups will depart tomorrow morning. Today we did more relaxed activities and prepped for tomorrow’s hike. We are hopefully going to make the most of the next few days on hike, since our time here at Binga is limited and these experiences are all part of what Binga is about.

Day 15

Friday, 13th October

Students: Jim, Grace and Charlotte

It’s Monday and it’s pouring down with rain and its cold for October. Today we all did high ropes it was hard but with Jimmy’s moral support I made it to the top successfully and with the help of the rest of the group. I am looking forward to a nice hot shower.

Grace p

Hey, everyone reading this. Today the first hike group left which consisted of Parker and Greasley. Unfortunately for them the weather is unseemly, but never the less I am warm and happy in my cabin.


Today the weather has been quite rainy and wet, so our activities were rearranged. Today we did one of the high ropes courses, which was really fun but challenging. Tomorrow we going on a trail ride with the horse which I’m really excited for. Today the first group left for 3 day hike, so there is only a small group of us at Binga currently. As it is really cold and wet, I am waiting to have a warm shower and get into bed.


Day 14

Sunday, 15th October

Students: Tahlia, Jackson & Maddy A

Today is the weekend and it was one of the best weekends while at Binga. It started off by Parker and Greasley doing jobs this morning. The weather is very rainy here and cold. After lunch we played a game called the lunchbox game with all the students and staff. For afternoon tea 2 of the Binga staff made us hot chocolate and were lucky enough to have homemade biscuits. We have now moved into job time and everyone is off until shower time. This afternoon we also packed for 3 day hike which is happening tomorrow. The students are a bit nervous and excited we will also be packing our hiking bags for an early start in the morning.

We are all missing our families, friends and we hope you are all staying safe. 

Day 13

Saturday, 14th October

Students: Hannah, Jenny, Louis, Ryan, Connor, Jim

Today the weather at Binga was cloudy until around midday and then it started raining. The morning started with scrambled eggs and toast for brekky. Some of the boys and girls were playing touch footy in the rain with the dogs, and we got soaked. We then all had a sausage sizzle for lunch all together. We also had to move two sick cows to another paddock so they could get better. It was a really good day today being back together with the boys since we hadn’t seen them since survival. Last night was a really emotional night for a lot of us, when we got our letters. We all miss everyone at home heaps.

Day 12

Friday, 13th October

Students: Danielle, Stephanie

Today the campus consisted of only the girls until the boys arrived later on from their Survival Camp. The activities that took place were the high ropes, horse riding and smoothie/yogurt/donut making.

The first thing that took place was the Glider course set for high ropes. The Glider was an activity that involved a lot of team effort in order for it to work. At the bottom of the high ropes, the majority of the group stood in two lines joined to a rope in the middle (in which they were all attached to). When a single person – known as the Glider or the person who was tied to the ropes – was ready to be lifted up into the air, the people at the bottom – known as the ‘donkeys’ – would run in the opposite direction of the high ropes course and it would lift the person up into the air. There were a few different actions that the Glider needed to do. The first one was running around in a circle before being lifted up, the second was to try and give an instructor a high five by running at them and the final one was to be punched (not literally – just for action) by an instructor and lifted into the air by the group.

The horse riding activities set for today was training practise. The students needed to do a few practise laps around the arena at a walking pace and a few activities were set. They played red light – yellow light – green light, they practised riding individually (so that the horses were not just following each other so that the students were more in control) and they had a ‘walking’ race.

The final activity that was set for the day was the smoothie, yogurt and donut making activity. In the beginning of the activity/session, the students made yogurt. There were rotations between small groups that would go to each station. One of the stations was the smoothie station where the students had a variety of ingredients to choose from to make their smoothies with. The second was the donut station where the students made the donut batter and then boiled them in a pot of oil until they were crisp and brown. The third station was the candied-orange station where the students boiled orange slices in sugary water and put them in the fridge to harden.

After a long week of the two Survival Camps, the students are looking forward to a relaxing weekend before they go on their three-day-hike next week.

Written by Danielle and Stephanie

Day 11:

12th October 2017

Students: Kat and Tahlia

Today the boys were on survival for 2 nights and 3 days. We girls started our activities which included horse riding, archery and high ropes. Our personal favourite was horse riding as we were surrounded with animals and lots of us learnt new skills. High ropes was quite challenging as some of us had to reach new boundaries that we didn’t think we would ever accomplish. For us archery was an activity that we had never experienced before along with many other students. We learnt that we have to aim high in life and have a goal that you want to achieve. After we rotated through all the activities we began to complete our afternoon chores. Tonight for dinner we are having chicken strips which we are excited about because apparently they taste like KFC. After dinner tonight we all have a few hours of free time where we will probably play cards, ping pong or write letters.

Lots of love to family and friends x

Day 10:

11th October 2017

Students: Madi Y and Talisa


The girls started their day in the middle of the bush as they were on their last morning of Survival. We packed up our tarps and other items that we had used throughout the past three days and got picked up by the leaders at 8:00am and headed back to Binga. We arrived back at Binga and saw the boys waiting out the front for us, but we soon had to say goodbye to them as they headed off to Survival until Friday.

 After waving the boys goodbye the girls sorted themselves into cabins to have a Survival debrief and cabin catch up after morning tea. In the afternoon we did a navigation activity called rogaining which consisted of us running around Binga with a map and compass, which lead us to find stamps to complete a sheet in order to get the highest score to win the game. The winners were Kate, Jenna and Taniesha – they get ice cream and marshmallows with dessert, and a sleep in tomorrow.

We enjoyed the rogaine as we got to combine with Richter (the other cabin) and we don’t get to see them a lot. We are pretty devastated we didn’t win!!

Tonight we are looking forward to cake for Tahlia and Zoe’s Birthday!!

Missing everyone lots. xoxo

Day 9: 

10th October 2017

Students: Kobe and Luke


Today was another fun and exciting day at Binga. In the morning we went for a short jog with Adrian into the pine plantation that is near our camp. We then reflected on our best and worst moments for the first week of Binga. For reflection time we all had a separate bible verse to study. After reflection time and breakfast we split into 2 groups and our group went to high ropes first and we went on the vertical playpen when we both got to the top we felt great about ourselves because we accomplished something. After a morning tea we came to our third session of horse riding. Kobe was placed with the horse named Chelsea while I was placed with the horse named Herbie. Herbie was a lot different to Snip, the first horse I had ridden on but he was very easy to get a hang of. During the horse riding session we completed some challenges which included, turning your horse 180 degrees in a very short space and directing horses in and out of cones, but these cones were very close together. After lunch we went and started to prepare for Survival, as we swap with the girls tomorrow.

Day 8: 9th October 2017

Students: Brady and Toby


Today there was a thick cloudy fog when we woke up for the morning run. But the day turned out to be a really sunny and nice. Today all 22 girls left Mt Binga for their survival camp. Survival camp is 2 nights and 3 days out camping, while doing challenges to receive luxuries. The 13 boys that were left did horse riding and archery in two different groups and in the afternoon we all went on the Sugar Glider, which is a part of the high ropes course. All da boys favourite thing today was riding the horses. For some it was their first time ever riding a horse, some others had ridden before. Toby and I both rode the same horse, Capri. Most of the boys are looking forward to dinner tonight which is carbonara.

Last night was the group’s first church service, where Andy gave a really inspiring talk about letting God know your questions to him. We all got involved by singing Our God is Greater.

The horse riding was fun for most of the boys because most of us have never been on a horse before. I was feeling about a 4/10 and most of the boys were feeling the same about how confident they were, but started feeling better with our horse as the session went on. 

Day 6: 7th October 2017

Students: Maddie T, Zoe


Today at Binga the weather was wet, cold and very rainy unfortunately. Because it’s the weekend we all got to sleep in later than usual and we also didn’t have any activities on. This morning my friends and I got to feed all the farm animals. Everyone was very happy to finally wash their clothes today even though as soon as we put them on the line outside, it started raining, so now all of our clothes are wet! Tomorrow we will get prepared for all the girls to go on survival on Monday.

Maddie T


Today at Binga was cold, wet and rainy. It basically poured rain last night so it was quite foggy this morning. It is finally Saturday so we got to wake up at seven o’clock instead of six fifteen. We were all quite happy about that. We had our amazing breakfast and we got started with our chilled day. Most of the time we basically just relaxed, did the laundry, and helped out our cabin mates. Our experience so far has taught us so much, yet we are so tired. Most of the girls are excited yet scared for survival coming up. We are all kind of enjoying our stay but miss our families very much. I am certain that we all going to learn great values and independence skills for our return, and guide us through life. We hope everyone is going well at home.

Zoe O

Day 56th October 2017

Students: Connor

Blog: Today we worked with the horses and did high ropes. I have a massive fear of heights so when I reached the top I was happy. Most of the group had fear of heights but we all reached the top. We learnt the basics on horses and we will partner up with a horse next time. Binga has been really fun and really chill, the staff are super chill which makes it easier on all of us to get use too. It will be a fun trip. 

Day 4: 5th October 2017

Students: Zoe, Ariana, Grace 

Blog: Today we arrived home from our hike, every part of us aches but we survived. I feel like we have made a closer connection now that we have had that experience together, some of us were really good at hiking, and some of us hated it, I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I gave up a few times, but I had a couple of people supporting me and motivating me to go on. I am really sunburnt even though I completely lathered sunscreen onto myself. I loved it when we came home, I had blisters but the camping was good, we played games, made jokes, listened to a Nokia ringtone that my friend Jim made. It was amazing, I re-connected/met new friends, we had lots of fun, that was the highlight for me, I hated the walking part, I never knew I could walk 15kms in high, steep hills. Overall, hey I’m still alive, I’m not sure how the rest of Binga will go, but I’m excited and scared of what is to come. To my family: I love you guys and miss you guys, I will see you soon. Peace, God Bless, Zoe xoxo

So far Binga has been alright we went on a hike. At first I thought it was going to be the easiest thing ever but every step I took it got harder and harder for me. It was a challenge for me to walk up all the hills every five minutes but I believe in myself and that’s what pushed me to the top and back to Binga. Ariana

Binga was good until the hike. The hike killed me I hated it so much but I was proud of myself that completed it. Looking forward to horse riding tomorrow. Grace xoxo

Day 3: 4th October 2017

Students: Madi and Kat

Blog: Today half of the camp headed off for their intro hike and the others prepared for their hike tomorrow.

The bell rung at 6:15 as usual, we then all went on our morning run together and were timed for our personal best. We had our second morning cabin inspection and started off the day with breakfast and worship.

The others took off for their intro hike at around 10:00am. Our group got prepared for our intro hike by doing group activities which taught us teamwork and perseverance. Instead of having a usual lunch cooked in the kitchen we made Mexican mince and rice on the gas stove out under the mango tree. After lunch had finished and we all cleaned up our two leaders took us through navigational skills. At 3:00pm afternoon jobs start and we all go off to complete them. All students are missing their families and we all hope you are doing well.

We are all nervous and excited for the hike tomorrow!

Day 2: 3rd October 2017

Students: Ryan & Charlotte

Binga day 2 was an exciting day, we started our morning early at 6:15 and had our first cabin inspection. Our activities today were preparing for our 2 day hike and learning how to navigate our way using compass. Tomorrow we leave for 2 day hike as an introduction to camping and becoming familiar with new environments and equipment.

Doing jobs is a daily part of our routine. Yesterday we got to experience milking a cow, feeding the animals and cooking for our cabin. These jobs are some activities which we have never experienced before but have enjoyed them, as we have learnt new skills and how to work co-operatively with new people.

Living at Binga is new and exciting experience although we are independent and do make decisions ourselves. Learning how to light a fire to receive hot waters for showers is something we are not used to but is a new life skill we have learnt along with earing points to buy special food for our cabin.

Day 1: 2nd October 2017

Students: Taneisha, Maddie T, Talisa

Blog Entry: Today leaving for Binga was exciting and a new adventure for everyone. The drive to Binga felt like forever, but we arrived safely in the pouring rain. Most of our bags got soaked, but at least our belongings were dry! After being introduced to the Binga staff and area, we went into our tiny cabins and unpacked. We then had lunch and afternoon tea, we chose our jobs between our cabin groups and who gets the first shower! It’s still pouring down rain and it is expected that the rain will continue for the rest of the week.