Camp Outs & Hikes

Survival is an experience whereby students are given minimal items and equipment and must create community area where they can live. Creativity and team work are rewarded in this challenge; ‘Binga Bucks’ are given to groups who have worked hard and allows them to buy extra food or luxury items. During Survival students are also given mental and physical problem solving challenges to complete. As Survival has less staff interaction it is a powerful activity to push students to work together and solve problems on their own terms.

Solo is a unique opportunity. Students are placed at individual campsites for 24 hours and given time to reflect and be in their own company. Although students may be apprehensive prior to the experience, upon return, they cannot express enough how amazing their time on Solo was. Time away from people, technology and distractions. The depth of thought and reflection during this time goes to another level that cannot always be found in other experiences.

We have a number of hike route with different levels of difficulty and duration. This is a key time for students to push themselves further than they thought they could. After hikes, students are always impressed with how much more capable they are then they originally thought. They have a whole new outlook on themselves.